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Jochen Robes hat einen Artikel von Oscar Berg zusammengefasst, der versucht, einige bekannte Phänomene und Entwicklungen mal aus einem anderen Blickwinkel zu betrachten:

1. Social technologies have become boring
“… key social technologies such as tagging, blogs, wikis and micro-blogging have hit the Slope of Enlightenment and are soon on the Plateau of Productivity.”

2. Collaboration is the new black
“There is, however, still a large knowing-doing gap when it comes to collaboration.”

3. Knowledge management is back
“It was rumored that Knowledge Management died in the late 90’s. Thankfully, it never did and now it’s back again, dressed up as “Knowledge Sharing”.”

Berg: “Now that the technologies have become boring, perhaps we can now change our behaviors and ways of working to make collaboration and knowledge sharing happen more naturally across all borders.”

Via Sascha Reimann