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Discover, Collate, Curate And Export Your Favourite Music Heard On The BBC With BBC Playlister

Discover, Collate, Curate And Export Your Favourite Music Heard On The BBC With BBC Playlister | Recording Arts |

Excerpt from article on BBC:
"Each year, the BBC showcases more music than any other broadcaster across its radio, TV and online services. However, once broadcast, it can be difficult for audiences to find the music they hear on the BBC again. The first of its kind, BBC Playlister changes that for ever.

With BBC Playlister, music fans can:

1) Collate the tracks they love from across the BBC – via a simple sign-in process, audiences can click to remember the music they hear on the BBC and add these to their personal playlist;

2) Discover recommended tracks from favourite BBC DJs and presenters or popular programmes – helping fans discover more of the music they wouldn’t have otherwise found, and get inside picks from some of the best experts in the world;

3) Easily export their playlist to their chosen digital music service – to replay whenever they want to in the simplest way possible.

The first stage of BBC Playlister will launch in the coming days on PC and via a mobile browser, letting you remember tracks, and export and listen to them on your chosen digital music service. Music lovers will be able to quickly and easily export their playlist from the BBC to either Spotify, YouTube or Deezer and listen back to tracks in full. Over time, the BBC will look to welcome a number of other services to the product.

The BBC will release significant new developments over the coming months, including recommendations from DJs and presenters and the ability to integrate fully with your mobile via the BBC iPlayer Radio app. BBC Playlister will go live across the BBC’s websites in the UK and throughout the world..."

Read full original article:

Read more about it, here also is review article by TechCrunch:


Via Giuseppe Mauriello
Colin Begin's insight:

This article is interesting. I see a lot of "pros" in this, it lists all the benefits you have with using this site. You can easily listen to the newest music, easily dowload you're favorite songs to any playlist of you're choice. As well as have it remember you're favorite songs, or most listened to, so you dont have to search for them the next time. It obviously does not list the "cons" of this specific site, but i would think some of the "cons" would be competition. There are so many sites like this coming out with the same features , that the only "cons" really would be keeping up with other competition. 

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How Spotify Engineered the New Music Economy - Mashable

How Spotify Engineered the New Music Economy - Mashable | Recording Arts |

When the New York-based band Spirit Animal released “The Black Jack White” last spring, the band’s frontman didn’t have high hopes about the streaming music service. He loves the platform and subscribes to it but didn’t think Spotify would help his band this early in its career.

Via jean lievens
Colin Begin's insight:

After reading this, it really shows the importance of social media in this generation. With so  much technology today, spotify is a great way to get you're music out there. Social medias play a huge role, In this day and age, sites like facebook, twitter, and instagram, are the sites that most people go on and retrieve daily information about music as well as many other things. 

Courtney Aiello's curator insight, October 10, 2013 11:41 AM

I originally subscribed to Spotify thinking it wouldn't last either, but with their user-generated playlists (something that Apple slowly erased from iTunes) it is gaining momentum. It's not suprising to learn, either, that Sean Parker was an early investor-Napster was the ancestor of Spotify. It will be interesting looking forward to see how many lesser-known bands will gain new followers from Spotify.

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Best Music Mixing Software - A Review On 'logic Pro/studio' & Where ...

Logic is merely great and likely to be the best studio and recording software ever! This software replaces a whole studio inclusive of its entire equipment - every single component is virtual! If you're working with Garageband or ...
Colin Begin's insight:

This article definitley falls under my initial category of Recording Arts. I also agrre with this article as well. For one, Logic is an amazing form of studio equiptment. I have used it many times in my studio sessions and have become a fan myself. It makes my music sound a lot better as well as it makes the recording process a lot easier. 

Jay Johnson's curator insight, September 12, 2014 5:13 PM

I can agree that logic is one of the best recording softwares ever. I use logic all the time to record my songs. I wouldn't say it is a great mixing and mastering software though, I never mixed a track in logic. I would normally record a track in logic and mix it in pro-tools.


I also have never tried to record a track in garageband because im not use to using that software as a recording software, I only use it to make a beat. I don't if I would label this information a credible source because I tried to click the link to the blog and the web page was not found.

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Beats Music launch in “next few months” with curated playlist AI

Beats Music launch in “next few months” with curated playlist AI | Recording Arts |
Beats Music, the music streaming service to take on Spotify and Radio, will launch “within the next few months” the company has confirmed, following a more curated approach than rivals so as to rescue users overwhelmed by choice.

Via Thomas Faltin
Colin Begin's insight:

After reading this I am extremely interested. I had just read an article about spotify and came across this one shortly after. I did not know that Beats had a web page coming out that is suppose to take on spotify and pandora. I think that this will outshine the other sites. Beats is a billion dollar company as is, it has a lot of publicity and followers. Once this site gets out there it will beat all the competition and will be the new source of downloading, listening, and finding new music. 

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“Hip Hop Genius is a powerful and necessary work. Through his beautifully written account of the High School for Recording Arts, Sam Seidel offers real-world texture and nuance to the field of Hip-Hop Based Education. Hip Hop Genius doesn't force us to choose between theory and practice, or pragmatism and hope. This book is a sorely needed reminder of what is possible when we release our imaginations and mine the genius inside all of our children.”(Marc Lamont Hill, author, Beats, Rhymes, and Classroom Life: Hip-Hop Pedagogy and the Politics of Identity)

Via Karen Steffensen
Colin Begin's insight:

I am very interested with this specific article. I think that more of this kind of thinking is required for this generation. More people need to understand the power behind music, and what it can do to benefit people. When we open up our minds and imagination so much more is possible, especially if you are highly involved with music and hip hop. Opening your imagination can lead to new and improved creations for you musicly. 

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