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In the future, exertion activities will become a whole new experience, involving interactions with autonomous embodied systems. Our vision is Joggobot, incorporating robotics into physical exercise.We use Joggobot to ask the question how (and if) robots should support us when exercising. As such, Joggobot helps us to understand about the interactions between a person and a robot. Our Joggobot is able to track the position of the jogger via an built-in camera and tag detection software. This software turns the previously human-controlled quadcopter into an autonomous flying robot that reacts to the jogger’s actions. We ask questions such as “Should the robot be a pacemaker for the jogger? If so, can this be motivating? Or should the Joggobot be more like a dog, reacting to the jogger like a companion? How does this affect the interaction, and in particular, the exercise experience for the jogger?”

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