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Louisiana official trying to stop MoveOn’s use of Louisiana tourism slogan

Louisiana official trying to stop MoveOn’s use of Louisiana tourism slogan | Coffee Party News |

March 17 at 2:47 pm


But such use of trademarks in parody and criticism is protected by the First Amendment. put up this billboard in Louisiana, using Louisiana’s tourism slogan and other imagery. Louisiana Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne — who is also the Commissioner of the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism — has sued MoveOn, claiming that MoveOn is infringing on Louisiana’s trademarks. Louisiana owns the service mark described as, Louisiana pick your passion logo: “Louisiana” is in purple uppercase Letters, with exclamation points replacing each letter “i.”. “Pick your Passion” is in red, in a modified cursive font, angled upwards from left to right, beneath the word “Louisiana.”


Dardenne is asking the court for an injunction [p]rohibiting from using anything other that the mere words contained in the Service Marks, thus prohibiting the use of the font style, the substitution of exclamation points for the letter “I” in the word “Louisiana,” the copy of the photograph of the plate of crawfish taken from the Department’s website, and art work and colors that are taken from the Service Marks.


But MoveOn’s use does not violate trademark law, and is indeed protected by the First Amendment.






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Obamacare Co-Ops Defy Forecasts to Win Market Share

Obamacare Co-Ops Defy Forecasts to Win Market Share | Coffee Party News |
MARCH 13, 2014

(Bloomberg) – In Maine, the insurer that has enrolled the most Obamacare customers isn’t the state’s well-established Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, owned by WellPoint Inc. It’s WellPoint’s only rival: Maine Community Health Options, a startup that didn’t exist three years ago.

The newcomer, funded primarily by taxpayer money lent under the U.S. health care law, has won about 80% of the market so far in Maine’s new insurance exchange, exceeding its own expectations, said Kevin Lewis, the chief executive officer.

Obamacare opponents predicted early on that insurance co-ops created by the law would fail, and that much of the $2.1 billion they were loaned to get started would be lost. Instead, the 23 co-ops that now exist nationally have enrolled about 300,000 people in health plans by combining low premiums with a certain homespun appeal, according to company executives.

“We’re doing really well,” Lewis said in a telephone interview. Taxpayers face “no risk whatsoever” that Maine Community will go under, he said. “A lot of those early, dire concerns just need to be re-examined.”


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