The Art of Coffee: Everyone's Favorite Morning Beverage Gets the Gallery ... | Coffee News |

Third wave coffee shops are all the rage among L.A.’s caffeine junkies. Want a little intellectual context to go along with that liquid gold? Think Tank Gallery in downtown and LA Coffee Club, which offers coffee bean delivery from a different roaster each month, have been collaborating on Coffeegraph, a three-week series of events dedicated to the jitter juice. There are art shows, brewing sessions, and conversations with local roasters that aim to give javaphiles a deeper understanding of their favorite brews.

The project concludes this week with several events. Tonight at the “Intro to Coffee” seminar at Think Tank, wannabe baristas can get tips from pros. Tomorrow the gallery will host a Latte Art Tournament in which the finest foam sculptors will compete to make coffee crests into canvases. For those who get amped up on intelligent violence, there’s chess boxing, also at Think Tank. The up-and-coming sport mashes up five rounds of chess with five rounds of boxing. Only a checkmate or a knockout will make a winner out of these pugilists.