Hi People at http://www.powersellershop.com Over the years we have had a growing demand for eBay accounts with no limits. This basically means EBAY accounts with unrestricted selling allowances. Many People call these type of accounts unlimited selling accounts.

With Unlimited selling accounts for sale your account needs to be around seven years old. Year 2007 , The unlimited accounts need to be first registered in year 2007 and only then 30% procent of those accounts are unlimited selling.

So as you can see these type of accounts are very rare and unique and hard to get hold of.

Many People own unlimited accounts and not really know that they do. We get hold of personal EBAY accounts which are very old and we upgrade these ebay accounts to a business account then we signup to seller manager and check the selling limits on the account.

We spend a lot of time and effort filtering the rubbish accounts and picking out the unlimited selling accounts. Once we have found an account we then speak to EBAY and ask ebay what the selling limit is placed on the account.

Most times EBAY just says there is no limit placed on the account and you can sell as many items as you wish.

This is a simple process but does take time and a lot of trust. No one has ever heard of selling an EBAY account and when we talk to these EBAY account owners a lot of the time the owners decide they don't want to sell.

So basically for you to find an EBAY account anywhere else will be Impossible! a dream come true. We are the only company who sells established eBay businesses and accounts, We have sold EBAY businesses and accounts to places like China, UK, USA, Australia, Spain, Germany and almost every country you can think of.

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