Six Years Later Peterson Still Feels Cheated About Oregon Loss | Sooner4OU |

Sooner4OU Commentary: I must agree with Adrian Peterson on the Oregon loss six years ago.  It was an OU win taken away by biased officils and a replay official with an obvious oregon slant and the sad thing...eveyone knows it, including the NCAA.  It is not ionly justifiably the "Decade's Worst Call",  but also symbolic of the numerous issues surrounding how officials are selected for each game and their oversight.  It is absolutely ridiculous that these young kids can work so hard and leave it all out on the field and have it taken away in the last seconds by a corrupt group of officials.  

I am with you Adrian, I remember the t-shirts being sold around Norman saying "What The Duck?".  Actually though it was much worse than that in reality.  It rob many players, loyal fans and coaches of a well deserved win!  Shame on you Oregon administration! Shame on you corrupt officials!  Shame on you Oregon fans for accepting a false win!   Sad! Very Sad! 

By the way, if you hear an Oregon fan say "get over it", it is because they have no other answer and they ae truly ashamed, but afraid to admit it.