Why College Offenses Are So Sophisticated | Sooner4OU | Scoop.it

Sooner4OU Commentary:  This article provides a really strong look at the evolution and history of college football offenses and highlights the offensive prowness of Sooner teams from two different decades.  A really good read.  

Article Excerpt: Yesterday, we talked about unstoppable offensive systems as well as the lack of quality corners in college football today here at "Your Best 11." As we took a step back and looked at the landscape as a whole, one thing became remarkably clear: Sophistication in offensive systems is at the highest we've ever seen.

Offenses are operating with complexities that older, formerly unstoppable systems, never dreamed would come to fruition on the collegiate landscape.

These uniquities are more than just mere wrinkles in the offensive scheme. Rather, they are amalgamations of offensive theory designed to pull together the best of various schemes and render defenses paralyzed by the threats. And as we sit right now, defenses are still struggling to play catch-up for a myriad of reasons.

In the annals of football history, we've seen dominant offensive systems. The wishbone was a monster for Oklahoma. Steve Spurrier's Fun 'n' Gun style of play truly took the SEC by storm. The Delaware and Bay City variants of Wing-T football are still employed by teams to gain a schematic advantage and capitalize on deception.