Yadda, WebdriverJS, Mocha: A BDD test framework using JavaScript | code | Scoop.it

As part of Shazam’s BDD process, the Web team decided to start including automated acceptance test writing during the development process, with each developer in the team writing their own acceptance tests.

As we’re a team of both front and back end developers, it was important to find a language that we all felt confident using. JavaScript was an obvious choice for this. We then had the challenge of finding a framework that incorporated BDD feature files written in natural language with automated tests written in JavaScript. After trying out a couple of different options, we finally settled on a stack using Yadda for our feature files and parsing, withWebdriverJS for browser automation, and Mocha for test wire-up. The decision to use these libraries came after some trial-and-error, and we had variety of reasons for choosing these particular components for our new automation framework.

Via Jan Hesse