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This post was written by Romain Goday from Darwineco. The insights and suggestions in this article are excellent because they articulate the problem so clearly.


When you can see something in this light, it makes it easier to create a plan of action that is effective. This takes time but it can be done. More about this in the weeks to come, stay tuned.




We all want to be sure we are not missing important information. This post explores 7 roadblocks that difficult content curation.


**What differentiates successful professionals is their ability to take action before competitors so as to mitigate a risk or act upon an opportunity.


Here are a few things that caught my attention:


**Finding timely and relevant information on an ongoing basis about a specific subject is very challenging


Circles of Trust


**Today's information consumption is largely dependent on whom users "follow" online: social media connections, news sites (groups of publishers), bloggers and other information providers.


**It is easy not to forget tht critical information might come from outside those circles of trust.


**Most information is available on the Web, but focusing on the right information requires users to combine various tools in very creative ways


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