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"Simon Careless wrote this post, he is an editor, publisher, oversees the Game Developers Conference shows, Gamasutra and Game Developer magazine. He has a lot to say about the massive overload of content we're all experiencing. I like his observations and we'll be hearing more from him in the near future on this subject.


What really caught my attention was a comment from one of his readers, Sarah Brin:"

Simon Careless, August 22nd, 2011

comment 1:

"Curation isn’t strictly about taste-making either–a huge part of it is becoming an interlocutor, someone who facilitates a discussion around content, as opposed to presenting content with a qualitative (and subjective) evaluation. In that regard, the democratization of curatorial tools (tumblr, twitter, all the ways we share content) is really exciting! It might usher in a new era wherein culture becomes more participatory…or it might not."



... for me (Heiko Idensen) the five reasons for leaving the "Age of creation" are important & coming again to the problem of the FILTERS:
"So what’s the fix? You need a filter. And I strongly believe that while algorithmical filters work, you need people to tell you about things you wouldn’t find that way. When I look at book suggestions on Amazon, or artist radio on Last.fm, they’re logical and basically useful - but they’re not a concatenated, cool-hunted melange that reaches out and touches your heart.

Some form of this filtration has been in shape for decades, largely in print form, of course. ..."

"What are your thoughts about this?" (asked janlgordon)





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