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The Impact of Trust on Financial Returns: Special Report

The Impact of Trust on Financial Returns: Special Report | Coaching Leaders |
In 2010 Trust Across America introduced the FACTS® Framework, a comprehensive unbiased barometer of the corporate integrity of America’s largest 2000 US public companies. The Framework identifies companies whose leadership is going beyond doing just what is legal to choosing what is right in meeting all stakeholder needs. The FACTS® Framework is the most comprehensive and data driven ongoing study on this subject. We analyze companies quarterly and rank order showing trends by company, sector and market capitalization. Read more about the Framework at this link.

Every year since 2012 we have announced our “Top Ten Most Trustworthy Public Companies” via the Trust Across America blog. The following table displays the current returns of every annual list vs. the S&P 500 since its publication.
David Hain's insight:

More empirical proof that increasing trust pays out. Perhaps corporate integrity should be a target before shareholder value, as one seems to follow the other!

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What to Do When Your Managers Don't Trust Each Other

What to Do When Your Managers Don't Trust Each Other | Coaching Leaders |

For smooth execution, people on your team--from upper management to those who toil on the most mundane tasks--need to have confidence in one another. Without trust, people at best second guess those they deal with. At worst, they won't make necessary efforts because, why bother? Other people will only screw things up.

Such is the stuff of office intrigue and backbiting. But it can get worse when the people who aren't inspiring trust are the people on your management team. News flash: That's the situation in many companies, according to a new survey of "200 C-suite executives, senior leaders, and managers" conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of management consulting firm BTS. And, sadly, you, too, may distrust many of the managers working for you.

Via The Learning Factor
David Hain's insight:

Get trust right, so much follows.  Let mistrust flourish, bad things happen.  Don't address it life is miserable for all.

The Learning Factor's curator insight, April 30, 2014 5:44 AM

What to Do When Your Managers Don't Trust Each Other.

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3 Key Leadership Tips From Twitter CEO Dick Costolo

3 Key Leadership Tips From Twitter CEO Dick Costolo | Coaching Leaders |

Here are some of Costolo's tips for successful leadership as he guides Twitter toward a possible entrance onto Wall Street.

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The Community of Leaders » Trustworthy Leadership

The Community of Leaders » Trustworthy Leadership | Coaching Leaders |

One of the business issues gaining in importance is the trust – or lack of trust – that we have in our large corporations.

Via ozziegontang, Annette Schmeling
ozziegontang's curator insight, March 27, 2013 7:23 PM

In Vistage, the foundation of its Values, at the base of a triagle is: Trust. Up one side is Caring, up the other side is Challenge, and in the middle is growth.

Dan Ariely speak about the Cost of the Social Norm which is based on Trust and Social Relationships. The Market Norm is based on Financial Transactions.  When the Social Norm is replaced by the Market Norm he says it is extremely difficult if not impossible to regain the trust.

Trust cannot be bought, it must be earned.

If you lose my trust by your behavior, then I can trust that I cannot trust you.

Lee Thayer speaks of Leadership is a role that one plays. If one plays it well and is had by a vision that may outlast them, then history recognizes them as leaders. Those who we recognize as historical leaders did not have access to the 10,000 books that we have today on Leaderhship, yet what they accomplished was because of their competence at doing what needed to be done to accomplish their leadership role.

As Simon Sinek reminds us:  They had followers.

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Ready for a vulnerability hangover? Five ideas from Brené Brown

Ready for a vulnerability hangover? Five ideas from Brené Brown | Coaching Leaders |

Brené’s big idea is that vulnerability is good for you, or as she puts it, ‘vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage’.


We live in a culture where making yourself vulnerable – exposing your fears and uncertainties, taking emotional risks – is considered a form of weakness, and something most of us want to run away from.


But Brené’s research reveals the hugely positive outcomes that emerge from stepping into the arena of vulnerability. It is precisely when we expose ourselves – perhaps in a relationship or at work – that ‘we have experiences that bring purpose and meaning to our lives’.

Via AlGonzalezinfo, Amy Ragsdale
David Hain's insight:

Vulnerability is my leadership word of the week, and such a valuable test of authenticity.  Having spent years disguising it, I wish I knew then what I know now...

AlGonzalezinfo's curator insight, January 8, 2013 9:44 AM

A brilliant friend of mine once explained to me, "trusting others is difficult because it makes us vulnerable".  This is a fantastic article about why being vulnerable is good, plus so much more.

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The Top Trust Busters That Dilute Your Credibility

The Top Trust Busters That Dilute Your Credibility | Coaching Leaders |

"You wouldn’t deliberately dilute your own credibility. But it’s possible that some of your innocent behaviors are producing precisely that unintended consequence.


Credibility problems can come in the form of trust busters. Let’s consider two of the most common ones, along with their fixes that I call trust builders."


Trust Buster #1: Double Talk

Trust Builder #1: Clear the Fog


Trust Buster #2: Pulling Rank

Trust Builder #2: Drop the Pretense


Read the complete article for insightful details.

Via ThinDifference
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The Trust Maturity Model

The Trust Maturity Model | Coaching Leaders |

The Trust Maturity Model from


What is the level of trust in your team?


Chaos? Learning? Optimizing? Or, Innovating?

Via AlGonzalezinfo, Richard Andrews
Metta Solutions's comment, October 18, 2012 11:48 AM
AlGonzalezinfo thank you for all the follows - love your curated work as well. Still learning how to use all the features
AlGonzalezinfo's comment, October 18, 2012 12:49 PM
@Metta Solutions, you are welcome, I really like your curated work as well. One suggestion would be to link your twitter account to, this way you will be mentioned automatically on twitter when we rescoop your posts.
Geoff Roberts's curator insight, January 18, 2014 12:43 PM

Nice descriptive framework, but it needs a 'how to get there' as well...

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Your Reputation is Your Most Valuable Asset

Your reputation is your most valuable asset, you are creating a trail in every area of your life about your integrity, performance, expertise and is becoming the backbone of Social Business.


Rachel Botsman gives a powerful talk on TED  about the currency of the new economy, which is trust. Rachel is the author of Collaborative Consumption. If you haven't read it, you should because it is an amazing book about a movement that is underway and the wave of the future.


It's empowering on so many levels. It has everything to do with the Trust Economy where technology has enabled trust between strangers to create all kinds of new marketplaces, relationships, possibilities. 


This is one of those talks that you have to listen to more than once, it's that important!


Here are some highlights to Rachel's talk


**In the 21st Century, the reputation economy will create new ways we look at wealth, it is as powerful as the industrial revolution, listening to this talk is a must!


**Empowering people to create new marketplaces that are built on reputation and trust


**We have wired our world to share, swap, trade or barter - match what we have in more democratic ways


**part of a massive value shift underway - instead of keeping up with the Jones, we're connecting, collaborating and buying to get to know the Jones


**Your reputation and new ways of measuring this is crucial. This is not like Klout, where they measure influence, this is about service networking. She refers to this as lemonade stands on steroids


**Think of all the possibilities - over the past 20 years, we've evolved trusting strangres


**Reputation economy - everything we do leaves a trail online about how well we perform, behave towards others - capturing all of this is a massive challenge


**Shouldn't we own our reputation data? It's contextual, the big challenge, is figuring out what data is important to pull, but it's a matter of time we will be able to see a real-time stream of how you have acted, performed in different areas of your life. What you're good at, your integrity and performance rating. This is fascinating.


**Reputation Capital - The worth of your reputation - how you can aggregate, monitor and use your online reputation (she says this sounds like Big Brother) however, she has a point, she says we would have more control over our reputation if we own it. More on this in the talk.


**Reputation Capital will create a massive disruption in the marketplace - your credit score will no longer limit what you can do in the world - your reputation will be the currency that you can be trusted


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


Hear complete talk here: []

Via janlgordon, ThinDifference
Olga Kiss's comment, March 4, 2013 6:06 AM
Thank you, Luis, it's a great presentation. I've shared it on our Hungarian EMCC facebook page with a small Hungarian summary:
Luís Cochofel's comment, March 4, 2013 12:07 PM
Glad you liked it, dear Olga! Thanks for re-sharing, as i really think it worths being seen attentively.
Milo Kasuku's curator insight, August 17, 2017 11:22 PM
Lors d’une conférence TED, Rachel Bosman, une des pionnières de l’économie collaborative explique l’importance de la réputation. Construire une réputation demande du temps mais c’est ce qui permet d’établir une relation de confiance avec sa communauté. Lors de son discours, elle énonce plusieurs avantages à entretenir une bonne réputation.
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Strong Leaders Establish Trust

Strong Leaders Establish Trust | Coaching Leaders |

"Trust is a privilege, not a right. It's earned, not assumed. If you pay suppliers late, drive too hard a bargain, over-work and underpay your workforce, then you shouldn't be too confident of anyone's trust. If you treat everyone who connects your business with respect, you stand a far better chance. Think of it as an investment: The more you put in, the more you get back."

Via ThinDifference, Vincent Bransiecq
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