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50 Common Cognitive Distortions

50 Common Cognitive Distortions | Coaching Leaders |
A giant list of ubiquitous cognitive distortions.

Via Bernard Ryefield, Philippe Vallat
Bernard Ryefield's comment, August 15, 2013 6:45 AM
on a more fun side, you might be interested in visual illusion, check this out:
IT's curator insight, August 27, 2013 3:01 PM

Celkem přesné a věřím, že v článku každný najde to své a dokáže to tím pádem teď správně pojmenovat.

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How Modern Life is Making us ANGRY

How Modern Life is Making us ANGRY | Coaching Leaders |


According to reports in The Telegraph, the energy and drive that originally focused humans on basic survival, such as food and shelter, have become unfocused and secondary in the 21st century.


This is because people are largely provided for, leaving the motivations that fuel basic survival without an appropriate outlet.


Humans evolved to become angry in certain situations because the emotion motivates us to want things. For example, hunger makes us angry by raising our serotonin levels, prompting us to look for food.


Anger also played an important role in helping early humans live together in social groups, by warning individuals when their behaviour was upsetting others.


'The red mist of rage helped our ancestors survive,' Dr Mann claimed


Via The Learning Factor
David Hain's insight:

Nice model for anger management.

The Learning Factor's curator insight, June 21, 2013 8:18 PM

A psychologist at the University of Central Lancashire has suggested the anger that was once key to our survival has now become targeted at trivial annoyances.

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Being Brilliant Every Single Day (Part 1) - great video

Levels to think of. A very insightful video, how we function and what you can do about it.

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Is a Bad Mood Contagious?: Scientific American

Is a Bad Mood Contagious?: Scientific American | Coaching Leaders |

Is a bad mood contagious?
--Michael Lenneville, Washington, D.C.

Studies suggest that others' moods may be as easy to catch as their germs!

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