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Cool Grinding Solutions pictures

Cool Grinding Solutions pictures | CNC Machining China |

Some cool grinding solutions pictures:

In honor of the 3rd hurricane to maybe hit Houston in 2008 my girlfriend has this friendly PSA: “Fill your gas tanks! Go barefoot if you must. Sacrifice your children and dogs. Whatever it takes!”

Image by colorblindPICASO
Seriously, every single time we get a hurricane warning I get this strange feeling the art will have to come off the walls… have any of you Observed OUR WALLS?!?

Also, this photo reminds me of all the paparazzi photographs of Brittney Spears walking about a gas station barefoot a few years ago. What was all that about? It is a pretty frequent web site on interstate highway stations. A dirty public bathroom even though barefoot might be a various story even though…

One final thing, see that smile on her face? Yes… to those that have asked. She DOES smile from time to time.=)

A Trailhead

Image by IceNineJon
This is the trailhead for one particular of the a lot of hikes in Muir Woods. Sadly, I didn’t have adequate time and the ground was incredibly muddy so I wasn’t able to adhere to this trail but I want to return some day and check it out!

I’d been to Muir Woods numerous occasions in my childhood but the final time I was there I cannot recall. I was inspired to return after watching the Ken Burns series The National Parks: America’s Very best Concept on PBS.

Muir Woods, is the nation’s sixth national monument but the first that was designed from private land (the land was donated by William Kent). The woods are property to Coast Redwood trees (Sequoia sempervirens) which can grow to over 370 feet tall and 26 feet in diameter.

I believe Muir Woods is 1 of the most lovely locations on Earth. If you happen to be ever in the San Francisco Bay Location, I highly encourage you to check out it. You won’t be disappointed.

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Texas gas town considers banning fracking

Texas gas town considers banning fracking They've even embarked on a campaign to persuade the maker of Sriracha hot sauce to expand its massive pepper-grinding business here — a prospect that appeals to the local farm-to-table culture. Fracking involves blasting a mix of … Land in T...
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How Can CNC Machining Speed Up Mass Production

How Can CNC Machining Speed Up Mass Production | CNC Machining China |

These days, the manufacturing industry is going through a digital transformation. We are seeing fresh business models geared towards meeting the demand of customers. For making progress in today’s competitive world, businesses are innovating production processes. Most of them are accepting new processes for manufacturing, such as 3D printing through CNC machining services. Read on to know more.

CNC machined parts

Nowadays, medical devices are being made with these machines. And we often read articles about these things in newspapers. With the help of automated apps and fast milling tools, these machines play a great role in the digital manufacturing world in a host of industries. The delivery is quite fast.

While CNC making isn’t as popular as the 3D printing, it has been used in a number of projects in different industries. For instance, it’s used in the making of custom-machined aluminum-joint based housings.

At Skyven Technologies, for instance, CNC machined parts are an important part of a solar panel system for the generation of electricity.

Spartech is another good example. They use CNC machining components in order to check the design of parts that are used in motorcycles, utility vehicles and snowmobiles.

Unlike 3D printing, CNC machining is not an additive process. It cuts into plastic and metal in order to develop components and prototypes. Although it’s a bit different from the 3D printing, it offers similar benefits to a variety of businesses, especially those that are involved in mass production of different machinery parts.

This system can be used when you need small batches. However, at this level, it’s more economical to make small batches. This is one of the main reasons why this system is popular in the mass production industry. It’s used in the commercial-grade machinery and equipment.

So, the main advantage of using the process is to producing tons of parts using a variety of materials for testing functions.

There is no doubt that the parts manufactured with the help of high-speed milling are different from those of molded ones. This results in quality prototypes that you can use as fixtures, one-offs and jigs. We can say that CNC machining is one of the best processes to make end-user components.

Meeting tough challenges

The use of 3D printing and CNC machining doesn’t have to be exclusive. The technology can be used as an add-on for tuning the objected. Aside from this, its use can’t be restricted to bigger companies only.

It’s possible to apply two processes at the same time in order to meet the challenges, such as the demand for lightweight parts and objects that have complicated geometries. So, in such situations, businesses can improve the flexibility through CNC machining.

To cut a long story short, CNC machining can be used for speeding up mass production. Aside from this, it’s used to cover the increasing demands of customers. Although the 3D printing is rising in popularity, CNC technology is not far behind. We should try to raise more awareness about this technology so that more and more businesses could adopt it.

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Are you interested in CNC machining technology and thinking of using it for your business? If so, we suggest that you give a go to a CNC milling company in China.

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Vertical Machining Center

Vertical Machining Center

Our History

25 years experience of buying and selling pre-owned equipment. CMTSE certified. Centrally located between Chicago and Milwaukee. USA focused with international marketing relationships. Capabilities include buying, selling, appraising, plant liquidations and auctions. Access to the top servicemen in the country. Extensive trucking and rigging contacts. Inventory is powered up and ready for your inspection.
Our Commitment

CC Machine Tools is focused on making your used buying experience as streamlined as possible. Our mission is to cultivate relationships for the long term. Your success is our passion, so our integrity is essential

Citizen L(3)20VII CNC Swiss Lathe 1995
Machine Details
New 1995

General Specificaitons As Per Brochure (Please Verify Detials):

Machining Diameter: .812″
Machining Length Per One Chuck: 8.1″
Drilling Diameter: up to .394″
Spindle Speed: 180 – 7200rpm
Chucking Dia. Of Pick-off Spindle: .812″
Pick-off Spindle Speed: 5000 RPM
Pick-off Spindle Motor: 2 HP
Spindle Index: 15 Deg (24 positions)
Rotary Tool:
Rotary Spindle Speed: 5000 RPM
Rotary Tool Motor: .5 HP
Number Of Tools Mounted: 14
OD / Front ID / Back ID / Live Tools: 5 / 3 / 3 / 3
Power Consumption: 8 kva

Equipped With:

Citizen Cincom IIC CNC Control
Brookdale 5 position backworking block adapter
Sub Spindle
Parts Catcher
Rotary Guide Bushing

Citizen L(4)25 VII CNC Swiss-Type Lathe 1996
General Specifications per Brochure (Please Verify Details):

Maximum Stock Diameter: 1″
Maximum Length per Chucking: 10″
Maximum Drilling Diameter: ER 16 collet up to .394″
Main Spindle Speed: 200 – 8000 rpm
Main Spindle Motor: 5 hp
15 min. rating: 7.5 hp
Maximum Chucking Diameter: 1″
Pick-off Spindle Speed: 200 – 6000 rpm
Pick-off Spindle Motor: 3 hp
Main Spindle Index: 5 degrees
Sub-spindle Index: 15 degrees
Rotary Tool Spindle Speed: 200 – 5000 rpm
Rotary Tool Motor: .5 hp
Number of Tools to be Mounted: 17
Turning Tools: 5
Front Work ID Tools: 3
Backwork ID Tools: 5
Live Tools: 4
Tool Size, square shank: 5/8″
ID Sleeve: 1″
Power Consumption: 11 KVA
Weight (approx.): 5512 lbs.

Equipped With:

Cincom System IVC (Windows) CNC Control
MistBuster Mist Collector
Iemca Mini Boss 325 Magazine Bar Loader
Long Parts Attachment
4 Rotary Cross Mill/Drill Tools

Star ECAS-20 CNC Swiss Type Lathe 2005
Standard Machine Specifications per Brochure(Details must be confirmed by buyer)

Control: Siemens 840DI / Windows NT
Max Machining Diameter: 20mm (25/32″)
Max. Headstock Stroke: 205mm (8″)

Tool Post
Front Tool Post: Turning/Power Driven
Rear Tool Post: Turning/End Working/
Power Driven

Number of Tools (Front): 4 Tools
Number of Tools (Rear): 2 Tools
Tool Shank: 12mm

4-Spindle Sleeve Holder
Number of Tools: 4 Tools
Max. Drilling Capacity: 10mm (25/64″)
Max. Tapping Capacity: M8 X P1.25″
Max. Die Cutting Capacity: M8 X P1.25″

Power Driven Tools:
Power Driven/Live Tools (Front slide): 3 Tools
Power Driven/live Tools (Rear slide): 3 Tools
Max. Drilling Capacity: 8mm (5/16″)
Max. Tapping Capacity: M6 X P1.0
Max. Milling Capacity: 10mm (25/64″)
Max Slotting Capacity: 1.5mm(W) X 4mm (D)
Main Spindle Indexing Degree: 0.01 Degree (C-Axis
Main Spindle Speed: 10,000 RPM
Main Spindle Motor: 2.2kW (cont) / 3.7kW (30
Power Driven Tool: 8,000 RPM
Power Driven Drive Motor: AC Servo Motor 0.75kW
Coolant Tank Capacity: 120 Liters
Power Consumption: 8 KVA

Backworking Attachment Specifications

Max Chuck Diameter: 20mm (25/32″)
Max. Length for Front Ejection: 80mm (3-5/32″)
Max. Parts Projection Length: 30mm (1-3/16″)

4 Spindle Attachment for Back Working Side:
Number of Tools: 4 Tools
Max. Drilling Capacity for Stationary Tool: 10mm (25/64″)
Max. Drilling Capacity for Power Driven Tool: 8mm (5/16″)
Max. Tapping Capacity for Stationary Tool: M8 X P1.25″
Max. Tapping Capacity for Power Driven Tool: M6 X P1.0
Sub Spindle Minimum Indexing Angle: 0.01 Degree (C Axis
Sub Spindle Speed: 10,000 RPM
Sub Spindle Motor: 2.2kW (cont) / 3.7kW (30

Dimensions (Approx): 8.5’L x 3.75’D x 6’H
Weight (Approx.): 7700 lbs

Equipped With (To be Confirmed by Buyer):
Siemens 840DI CNC Control
Iemca Boss 325 Magazine Bar Loader (will need to be installed)
Full C-axis Main Spindle
Full C-axis Sub Spindle
(1) Power driven/Live face drill unit
(2) Power driven/live drills for back working
Part Conveyor
High Pressure Coolant system
Mist Collector

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at cnc turning, vertical machining center & horizontal machining center

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at cnc turning, vertical machining center

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The China Products (Mumbai India) Exhibition is back in Mumbai for the 13th time, from Nov 24th - 26th 2015

The China Products (Mumbai India) Exhibition is back in Mumbai for the 13th time, from Nov 24th – 26th 2015

Mumbai, India, November 12th, 2015 — India-China bilateral trade for 2014 stood at US$ 70.25 billion. India’s exports to China were US$ 11.98 billion whereas China’s exports were US$ 58.27 billion, resulting in a trade deficit of US$ 46.29 billion. It is hoped that with increased trade relations between these two Asian giants, India would be able to narrow the trade deficit with China in the coming years by exporting more value added items, food products and IT services.

India’s annual mega multi-industry B2B China trade show – “The 13th China Products (Mumbai, India) Exhibition 2015 – is back in Mumbai and will be held from 24-26 November, 2015, at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, Goregaon (East). The 13th edition of China Products (Mumbai India) Exhibition 2015 will have exhibitors from multiple Chinese provinces showcasing their individual contemporary technologies and innovations. The Show once again brings to Mumbai the special Hong Kong Pavilion with several companies presenting the best Hong Kong creations and designs.

As the pioneering multi-sector B2B China trade show in India, the Show attracts the best entrepreneurial quality suppliers from various provinces across China. The Show’s Business Matching meetings combined with relevant Seminars and Workshops ensure that both Indian entrepreneurs and their Chinese counterparts are brought together to create business opportunities for both the Chinese and Indian counterparts.

Products on display include Consumer Electronics, Home and Kitchen Appliances, Construction Equipment, Interior & Home Décor, Industrial & Machine Tools, Building materials, Hardware, Lighting & LED, Plastic Products, Gifts & Premium and many more.

The Show is ideal for Exporters, Importers, Import Agents, Traders, Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers, e-tailers, Government Institutions and Trade Bodies.

The Show is jointly organised by China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Guangdong Provincial Committee, Commercial Sub-Council, Sichuan Sub-Council, Xiamen CCPIT, Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Department of Foreign Trade & Economic Co-operation of Guangdong Province.

The China Products (Mumbai, India) Exhibition has been supported by the Indian Merchants’ Chamber (IMC), All India Association of Industries (AIAI), India-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCCI), SME Chamber of India and the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China. For further details please log onto

Press & Media Contact:
Mitesh M Kapadia
Sentinel Public Relations Pvt Ltd / Sentinel Advertising Services
B-603, Samajdeep, Near Bhanu Park/Seasons Restaurant
Adukia Road, Off S V Road
Kandivli (W), Mumbai 400 067 India
Mob: +91 98205 03876
Tel: (022) 28625131/32
Fax: (022) 28625133

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Windmills: The Hands of God

Windmills: The Hands of God

Windmills are another of source of renewable energy. They usually work as engines driven by strong sustaining winds and the ancient ones were used for a variety of purposes like grinding seeds or organic produce, pumping water, hammering motions and other such mechanical functions. However, the modern ones are used to generate electricity and are appropriately called wind turbines.

Windmills, as a concept have been around for ages and the earliest windmills have been found in Persia around 7 B.C and also in ancient China. The first such windmill blades were made with thick sails hollowed so as to capture wind and hence enable a rotating motion. These windmills were usually vertical shafts and have been used to generation mechanical motions for varied uses like grinding seeds, lifting and dumping and such like.

In Europe, windmills were found to be installed on long and tall walls to enable the same mechanical motions to derive at the function of grinding or as saw mills etc. Windmills were found in Paris and parts of present day United Kingdom. However, these windmills were not used to generate electricity until the advent of industrial revolution which swept the European continent into a wave of innovation.

The introduction of Steam as a source of energy and then the grand entry of the Internal Combustion Engines, have seen the popularity and functionality of the windmills decrease to a large extent. The long maintained historic ones have been maintained purely for their historic value, the others were set back in time to perform the same old tasks of grinding and pumping.

In the U.S, the water-pumping windmill was a harbinger of the windmill technology, which also saw the rapid rising of ranching and farming activity in the rural U.S. The ubiquitous steel vertical shafts with rotating turbine blades have become a landmark in the ranches of Rural America.

The turbines on the tall but stout vertical shafts were designed to provide for the energy to derive the mechanical motion required to pump. A tower top gearbox and crankshaft assembly help convert the rotary motion of the wind turbines into a reciprocal motion for the piston of the pump in the cylinder connected to the apparatus.

While we had thousands of manufacturers to produce windmills in those olden days, we have just one reputed manufacturer left today Aermotor Windmills, to produce conventional windmills left in the U.S today.

Jason Uvios writes about “Windmills: The Hands of God” to visit: power generator , portable generator and home generator .
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An Overview Of Steel Fabrication And Custom Metal Fabrication

An Overview Of Steel Fabrication And Custom Metal Fabrication

Steel fabrication involves the method of cutting and bending in order to shape steel alloys for creation of a specific product. As far as welding is concerned, there are many variables in the process of welding where the products are repaired in order to strengthen it and several pieces of metal are used for steel fabrication to attach them together as per the predefined size and shape. However, the steel fabrication process is done by a skilled technician with prior experience in using raw components to transform them into trading items. Many industries use steel fabrication for creation of automobile parts and household appliances as well. There are many companies like the custom steel fabrication St. Louis that offers best quality steel fabrication services for several industrial requirements. Also, services like aluminum welding St Louis can be availed.

The process involved in steel fabrication

A dedicated technician appointed in the industry for performing the process of steel fabrication has to inspect the actual shape of the raw components that generally exists in the form of pipes, flat plates or shaped channels. Thereafter, the actual process of steel or metal fabrication can be completed through electricity, pressure and heat. The maximum percentage of this hard work is completed through the raw material process