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I Provide services for clients to manage and optimize their image on Social Networks.especially on FACEBOOK to begin, then TWITTER, LINKED IN, FOURSQUARE, FLICK'R, SCOOP.IT, and at least G+.This presence represents a major stake today for any organization, profit-seeking or not, and requires a very good expertise of the social networks. It also requires a pad of consequent and contacts multi channels, hours spent to stay up the net, and to lead groups or communities. It is thus crucial to become attached to it and, so that it is assured in optimal conditions of success, to outsource it to an expert. At last, it requires to be multi lingual. Concerning me, it's : French, of course, then English, and Spanish. Philippe TREBAUL - 06 42 97 88 47 - @TheMisterFavor - @Socialfave - FACEBOOK  : Cies on IN: AND: Cie on G+: Join me on FB: Join me on IN: FB Pages: Cie on FB: Follow us! Philippe CEO of Socialfave
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Rescooped by Philippe Trebaul from visualizing social media!

Infographic: Best Practices for Optimizing Facebook Photos

Infographic: Best Practices for Optimizing Facebook Photos | COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT - CM2 |

This infographic from Postrocket gets into the specificity of how and why images should be optimized for Facebook Edgerank.

It addresses photos in the context of display for the NewsFeed, as well as the optimal dimensions for profiles, cover photos and post link previews.

Via Lauren Moss
malek's curator insight, May 28, 2013 7:18 PM

Great answers to many questions you always have in your mind

Joe Wise's curator insight, May 30, 2013 9:51 PM

images are key..... too obvious??

Rescooped by Philippe Trebaul from Facebook best practice!

How to increase the visibility of your Facebook Page [infographic]

How to increase the visibility of your Facebook Page [infographic] | COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT - CM2 |

Facebook is seen by many as the ultimate social media marketing platform to engage with your customers and prospects. Nearly 1 billion potential customers are using it, providing you with the means to reach and engage with all of them.

Promotional activities seem to center around a singular, focused social media marketing objective of increasing Facebook “likes”. Often all other social media and marketing strategies are ignored because of this obsession. The longer term tactics of content creation, optimising for search engines and building email lists are forgotten in the “liking” acquisition frenzy.

Visit the link to read the complete article and view the infographic; learn more about Facebook pagerank, marketing and optimizing posts...

Via Lauren Moss, Rim Riahi
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