THE CLOUD AS A BRAIN | Cloud Computing |

Cloud computing has already brought wide live collaboration, global virtualization, massive online storage and so many new others ways to approach and improve IT. However I do think that the real big change that the Cloud computing has to provide to our society is not yet out but will soon start to appear.


This big change will be Artificial Intelligence, some of you might think that it is already there with powerful and smart search engines. In my opinion this is the first level of intelligence that we might produce with Cloud Technologies.


The next step is to see and to approach the Cloud as a brain. This brain will rely on a global replicated infrastructure and have strong assets compared to previous A.I systems :


1. The capacity to learn from datasources constantly updated with live informations balanced with human interaction via social networks.  


2. The capacity to infinitely create and replicate dedicated concurrent agents specified in each and every domains, in such way to become a dedicated region of this global brain.


3. The capacity to interact very closely with human through mobiles devices and therefore to learn form this proximity.


4. The capacity to live and exist in each and every connected device, improving the brain elasticity.


The major asset of this brain lives in the natural architecture that Cloud computing provides. A global non centralized system relying on a torus model, all parts are interdependent and using each others to learn and provide information. It will not be somewhere, it wil be everywhere.