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"Founded by an educator and educational technologist, Adam Bellow, eduClipper aims to make it simple to help students and educators save time, build personal learning networks, and begin to shift the culture of assessment to be more holistic and include the wonderfully amazing work that students and teachers are creating in the classroom."

Math Project Ideas Offer Examples of Project-Based Learning ~ Edutopia
"These 160 math projects, from schools across the US, provide overviews, activities, assessment rubrics, work product descriptions, and ideas for reflection. Although they vary in format, you can adjust them to your students' learning situation, curriculum demands, etc. Projects from Teach21 PBL ...
HSI: Historical Scene Investigation

The Historical Scene Investigation Project (HSI) was designed for social studies teachers who need a strong pedagogical mechanism for bringing primary sources into their classroom. With the advent and accessibility of the internet, many libraries, universities and government agencies are housing their historical documents online. Simultaneously, there has been a push in K-12 history education to give students experiences that more closely resemble the work of a real historian.

What Project-Based Learning Is — and What It Isn’t
Screenshot/High Tech High The term "project-based learning" gets tossed around a lot in discussions about how to connect students to what they're learnin
11 Essential Tools For Better Project-Based Learning
11 Essential Tools For Better Project-Based Learning
Project-Based Learning Research: Evidence-Based Components of Success
There are some critical elements to consider when applying project-based learning in the classroom. Edutopia's research analyst recommends these research-proven steps.
Video Resources for PBL and Deeper Learning
Video resources for PBL
Paper Slide Videos - Guidelines
Friday Institute for Educational Innovation - FIZZ
FIZZ Professional Development Programs and Resources:
Flip your classroom: FIZZ Lecture Differentiate with Paperslide Projects: FIZZ Differentiation Shift your school: FIZZ School Transformation Address multiple learning styles in Algebra: FIZZ Algebra Engage your students: FIZZ Music Videos