Near Remote Sensing to Track Changes in Phenology in Forests | Climate change |

This year, the Richardson Lab of Harvard University and the Friedl lab of Boston University set out to study climate change using two different methods, remote sensing and near remote sensing in phenology of forests.

Phenology is the study of life cycles in various organisms. Specifically, we’ve been looking at tree phenology, tracking spring leaf out (when the trees start growing leaves after lying dormant all winter) and autumn senescence (when the leaves begin to change colors and drop from the trees). This summer, we have had the opportunity to challenge the question “Can webcam imagery track phenological changes?”

Team Harvard By Dmitri Ilushin, Sascha Perry, and Hannah Skolnik Team Harvard is comprised of Dmitri Ilushin of Harvard University; Sascha Perry, Lincoln University in Missouri; and Hannah Skolnik of Columbia University

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