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Shona Whyte:

Interesting 10 minute video of an EFL lesson based on critical thinking.  The starting question is "which is bigger, Australia or Greenland?" and Alister Widdowson presents this lesson for what looks like a B2 young learners class.


Lots of inventive use of physical props as well as technology (IWB used for voting at 7:25) and we see the learners working in groups, though no specific language work - it might have been a CLIL class.


Alister Widdowson sums up:

"the hook is the question, and if you've got that fascinating question, then as long as the question stays interesting, you've got the attention of the learners and I think so much of effective learning is about motivation, wanting to be there, wanting to listen, wanting to understand."  Indeed.

Via Shona Whyte