Director Kristina Leigh Copeland Slated to Direct & Produce STATUO’s Global Coalition Style Documentary Tackling Bullying. | QastMe | Syndications |
Greenwich, CT, June 6th, 2015 Kristina Leigh Copeland is Directing a STATUO Global Coalition Style Documentary film on bullying, one in the stable of 25 global docs in development to be Directed by Copeland and produced by her new company STATUO. Copeland’s company Brown Saddle Films produced and she directed the hard-hitting documentary film The Wall Street Conspiracy exploring the pernicious form of fraud called illegal naked short-selling that contributed to the U.S. 2008 collapse. Copeland is an owner and co-founding partner of STATUO alongside Meg McAuley Kaicher and Ed Brown. Copeland’s film-making style is to collaborate with a co-director ardent about the film subject: Award-winning Director George Pogatsia has been selected by Copeland to co-direct on the bully documentary. Pogatsia’s film Family on Board won three awards at NYCIFF and was screened at Cannes 2015 and will premiere in Los Angeles at the legendary TCL Chinese Theatre on June 25th. This short film that stars Eric Roberts, Tony Sirico, George Pogatsia, Karina Arroyave, Gino Cafarelli and the late Matthew Cowles headlines the HollyShorts Monthly Screening Series. The film was produced by 5 Red Pictures and Intimation Films. STATUO is a global media platform that develops, produces and distributes global coalition style documentary content addressing current social issues empowering media for global good.     Reference Article: Contact Info: STATUO Phone 917-612-7488 201 Shore Road Greenwich, CT 06830 About Statuo STATUO is a global media platform dedicated to developing, producing, and distributing documentary content addressing current social issues. FOUNDERS Kristina Leigh Copeland, Founding Partner & Chief of Production Kristina is a director, producer and owner of Brown Saddle Films. View film link: Ed Brown, Founding Partner & Chief of Distribution Ed is an award-winning film director, producer, editor and pioneer in social media fundraising and content distribution, and owner of Resistance Films LLC. View film links: Meg McAuley Kaicher, Founding Partner & Chief of Operations Meg is a business development specialist with a background in finance and philanthropy, and owner of Capital Consulting Group. TEAM Anne Reynolds Robertson, Business Development Consultant Anne is a conscientious investor, philanthropist, and key strategic partner to several socially responsible enterprises and non-profits, and owner of New Conscious Capital LLC. Jason Calfo, Executive Creative Director Jason is an experienced creative corporate design director who has strengthened some of the nation’s most respected brands, and owner of Calfo Design Group LLC. Christopher Michael Cartmill, Technology Consultant Christopher is a technology consultant who develops internet marketing systems and is Founder of | Get Inspired, Storytell, Broadcast