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Get Interior Lighting the Right Way: 5 Mistakes You Should Refrain From Making

Get Interior Lighting the Right Way: 5 Mistakes You Should Refrain From Making | Click Light Switches & Sockets - Luma Lighting UK |
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Many interior designers face the interior lighting dilemma of trying to get the right kind of lighting for a particular residential home. And in trying to get the lighting just right, many wind up using too many fixtures placed in different rooms, all of which wastes a lot of energy and most rooms might not get the amount of light that they need. These problems are further fuelled by the fact that most home owners are often unsure of some of the basic indoor lighting solutions or other useful tricks in the trade, knowing what not to do can make all the difference in interior lighting. Below are a few common mistakes you should avoid, as well as tips on how to do it right.


Forgetting To Install ‘Task Lights’ In Your Kitchen

There are numerous ways to improve the lighting in your kitchen, and one such crucial way is to install task lights to illuminate your counter. You can achieve this by installing xenon, fluorescent (T5), or LED task lights below the upper cabinets. If your kitchen layout has work surfaces but is lacking overhead cabinets, don’t fret, you can use ceiling recessed or wall-mounted adjustable light fixtures. Simply adding a few low voltage halogen light fixtures that provide a narrow beam of light and distribute it over the task area will do the trick. Pick warm functional tones for LED or fluorescent for your kitchen and task lights.


 Failing To Control Different Types of Indoor Lights Separately

For maximum lighting flexibility, efficiency and energy conservation, it’s important that each type of light be controlled separately. This means being able to dim halogen, incandescent, or dimmable wireless LED lights. You can control these multiple sources of interior lighting the old-fashioned way by using multiple light switches, or you can invest in more sophisticated ways to light control. For instance a small programmable wallbox light system can control the lights in a single room using wireless control that can be reprogramed from your laptop or smart phone allowing you to preset various scenes as it best suits you. Being able to control your lighting not only yields significant energy savings, but it gets you the right type and amount of light for different uses and scenarios.


Installing Recessed Downlights on a High Ceiling

This results in wastage of energy and a very big dark space. The ideal lighting for high ceilings needs to be stylish and still provide a focused narrow beam that spreads well over the task area.  A high wattage halogen source or ceramic metal halides are good sources of ambient lighting from a high ceiling. Better yet using pendant or wall mounted light fixtures that reflect light off an already lighted matte surface is a much better illumination alternative, compared to punching in lots of holes in your ceiling to install recessed downlights.


Neglecting To Incorporate Different Kinds of Lighting

Interior Designers know that a well-illuminated space incorporates three types of interior lighting: task, ambient, and accent lighting. Ambient refers to the general light that you use to walk around, or identify objects in the room. Task lighting describes a stronger and more focused lighting used in carrying out different tasks such as cooking, reading etc. Accent lighting helps to highlight various architecture or artwork in a room such as a stunning bathroom glass tile, or a ceramic collection you want to showcase in your living room space. Combining all the three different types of lighting sparks more interest, improves functionality, and increases the chance of your room(s) having sufficient light. It’s advisable to start with task lights, identify areas that you will need focused light the most. Then decide on your ambient lighting, which is just general lighting around your home. Finally pick accent lighting to highlight the artwork in the room(s).

Forgetting To Add Portable Lighting Fixtures

Great interior lighting always includes a few portable light fixtures such as a table or a floor lamp. You can enhance your portable lighting by installing specific floor receptacles to hold your portable lighting, so that your portable fixtures appear as part of the room instead of having hazardous cords running across the floor. You can include your portable lighting to your programmable wireless light system so you can control them at will.

Luma lighting is a credible online source of affordable and efficient indoor lighting solutions for your interior decor in commercial or residential spaces. View our vast collection of lights, fixtures and other interior lighting options at



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How Interior Wall Lights Can Help To Enhance the Interior Design of Your Home

How Interior Wall Lights Can Help To Enhance the Interior Design of Your Home | Click Light Switches & Sockets - Luma Lighting UK |
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The purpose of different types of lighting and its significance to the interior design of a home is not often clear to many people, who are not professional interior designers. Interior wall lights for example, have many roles that are not just limited to providing lighting and creating the right ambience in a room.

To understand the importance of this kind of lighting, you need to know the significance of layering different types of light. Direct light overhead light is often used for illumination, while wall lights are used to create the right ambiance for the room.

Directional Lighting

One of the uses of this type of lighting is to bring attention to an item in a room, such as a painting on a wall. Some of the light fixtures come with adjustable necks that can be used to redirect light to a given section of the room. This may be useful in a dimly lit room, or in any situation, where you feel it is important to highlight a valuable item for aesthetic purposes.

A different variation to this type of light fixture is the track lights. Track lights are used to illuminate a wider region, such as a hallway with a number of different paintings. This is different from the lights mentioned above, in that they illuminate a larger space. However, track lights do not illuminate the entire room.

Function of the Room

An important factor that you will need to consider is the function of the room. A room meant for studying, and one meant for relaxing and watching TV, will have different types of light fixtures. Overhead lights will work best for the rooms, where kids will be doing their homework. Interior wall lights work best where you will be relaxing or watching TV and movies from.

However, some rooms are multi-purpose. Often, the living room may be used for different purposes. In such a situation a combination of different lights may work for a room, which is used for both studying and relaxing.

The overhead pendant lights will be switched on when studying and doing homework. Later when you and your spouse want to unwind and watch some movies together, you may change to the wall lights. A combination of both lights can be used in different rooms around the house, to make the rooms suitable for multi purpose lighting.

Even though they are often used to provide the right ambience around the house, wall lights can also be very functional. They can be placed in the bathroom or bedroom next to the mirror to get rid of shadows cast by overhead lights. This can be useful when applying makeup or when you are shaving.

Lighting Dark Corners

Wall lights can also help to illuminate areas within a given room, which are poorly lit, even after using bright overhead lights. A room with a unique structure and shape may have many bumps and corners that may need to be illuminated. Wall light fixtures can be used to provide the right amount of lighting.

Managing color within a room can be done with the right type of lights. For example, an all white interior should ideally not be too bright. Dark walls demand more lighting particularly around corners. Sometimes wall fixtures can help manage the brightness, and therefore manage the color of the room.

The right color and lighting can help to create an illusion of space. A room that is too bright may look too spacious. Wall lights can be used to provide adequate illumination without the excessive brightness of overhead lights.

Using more inconspicuous light fixtures on the wall, could work better for the room, compared to one very bright overhead light.

When choosing interior wall lights, you should pay attention to the different styles. There are contemporary and classic styles. There is a wide range of styles that are available in both classic and contemporary styles. Classic styles range from Victorian and American colonial. There is also a wide range of contemporary styles you can choose from. Consider the style you want and whether the lights match with your furniture. The challenge is to balance all your interior design needs and create the right atmosphere in your home. 

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Ideas on Contemporary Bathroom Lighting

Ideas on Contemporary Bathroom Lighting | Click Light Switches & Sockets - Luma Lighting UK |

Luma Lighting is the leading online provider of contemporary bathroom lighting fixtures. Have a look at all our ideas on contemporary bathroom lighting fixtures as well as other high quality lighting solutions at

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Contemporary bathrooms are becoming more and more multifunctional, with people now using the rooms as personal retreats from the outside world. This is unlike earlier times, when the room was primarily utilitarian. However, bathroom lighting is not considered a top priority, and this can ruin the whole atmosphere in the bathroom. To correct this, here are some ideas on contemporary bathroom lighting as well as some considerations to make before installing any lights in the bathroom.

Considerations to Make For a Properly Lit Bath

There are a few considerations to make before the installation of any light fixtures in your bathroom. The size of the light fixtures is a major consideration, when looking for the right lighting for your bathroom. You need a lighting fixture that will fit in the bathroom space available. It should fit automatically, and not be too conspicuous. Plus it should blend well with the other features of the bathroom.

Placement of the lighting fixture is also a major consideration. You do not want the light to interfere with your make up, or shaving. Placing the fixtures at an ideal position, will help you get the right lighting for you to carry out your activities better. In addition, the light fixture should be placed in a position that does not interfere with the use of other items in the bathroom.

The type of bulbs used in the lighting fixture is another essential consideration that needs to be made. The type that will be used will depend on the type of light you want to be emitted in the bathroom. There are several types of bulbs. These include: LED bulbs, incandescent bulbs, and fluorescent bulbs.


Ideas on Contemporary Bathroom Lighting


1.Place lights on the bathroom mirror


Placing lights on both sides of the mirror will allow you to have the perfect light for all your grooming tasks. These tasks include putting on make-up, or shaving your beard. The  bathroom ceiling lights will provide the ambience, but will more often than not create shadows or lines on your face. This will interfere with you perfectly carrying out your grooming tasks. The side lights on the mirror lights should be placed 28 inches, or slightly more from each other. The lights should also be 60 inches from the floor.


However, if lights cannot be placed on your mirror, then you should invest in a horizontal light fixture that is placed immediately above your mirror. In this case ensure that the mounted fixture is at least 78 inches above the floor.


 2. Adjust your lighting for the perfect atmosphere


It is an excellent idea to put decorations on the lights on the ceiling to create the perfect atmosphere and ambience. The most popular decoration in this instance is a small chandelier. A romantic mood will immediately set in when all the other bathroom lights have been switched off.


3. Let your bathroom lighting correspond to the daylight


Natural light from the sun best represents the color of our faces, clothes, and even hair. It is thus ideal that your bathroom lighting mimics this natural light for the best outcome when choosing and applying your make-up, or when selecting the right clothes. 


The first task at hand to achieve this is to go for lighting fixtures that have frost or white shades. You can also go for fixtures that are clear, so as to emit as much light as possible. The second task is to choose the most appropriate bulbs for your bathroom. The bulbs chosen for your lighting fixtures in your bathroom need to be able to transmit appropriate colors throughout the room.  


If you select incandescent bulbs, then they should have a color temperature of at most 3000K. If compact fluorescent bulbs are your preference, then first ensure that their Color Rendering Index is not below 90. In addition, you should ensure that the color temperature is slightly above 2700K. The last option is LED bulbs that should have a CRI of above 90, and a color temperature of 2700K and above. These are just a few ideas on contemporary bathroom lighting. 

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4 Things To Consider Before Buying Recessed LED Spotlights

4 Things To Consider Before Buying Recessed LED Spotlights | Click Light Switches & Sockets - Luma Lighting UK |
Recessed led spotlights offer a modern architectural look for your home. Unlike traditional bulbs that hang from the roof, recessed lights are fixed into the ceiling, allowing you to see just the light aperture and ...
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Interior Lighting Tips for Each Room in Your House

Interior Lighting Tips for Each Room in Your House | Click Light Switches & Sockets - Luma Lighting UK |
Interior Lighting Tips for Each Room in Your House Do you think that it is time for your house to get a new lighting make over? Lighting in every room is crucial, as it determines ...
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Visit for more information on interior lighting tips for each room in your house.     

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How Different Types of Exterior Lights can be used to Illuminate and Accentuate your Gardens

How Different Types of Exterior Lights can be used to Illuminate and Accentuate your Gardens | Click Light Switches & Sockets - Luma Lighting UK |
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There are three main reasons why people choose Exterior lighting. The main reason is to illuminate the dark areas of your garden, but most people also want something for security and aesthetic reasons. To determine what lights you will use for your garden, you need to be clear on which of these reasons is most important to you.


One or two good lamps that provide some general lighting may be enough. However, there are sometimes dark spots and corners that need to be illuminated. This may be on the stairway, driveway or on the paths leading to your house. There are number of fixtures you can use for this purpose.

Bulk Heads: Bulkheads are great for gardens and are also good for beautification. They can light paths and walkways and still give your garden the kind of elegance that you desire. The problem with these fixtures is that they cannot be used in some places such as staircases.Recessed Exterior lights: Recessed exterior lights are designed for staircases and are inconspicuous. Many people prefer this type of lighting because it can be used to highlight certain aspects of the area. For example, a recessed staircase fixture can accentuate the decorations on the side of that staircase and make it even more beautiful to look at night.

These recessed lights are better for lighting paths, because they are safe. Compared to path lights and low level lights, they cannot be easily knocked down by people walking or if the car veers off the driveway.



Floodlights provide good overall illumination. One light can cover a large area. Nowadays, there are LED floodlights that produce a comparable amount of illumination and are much cheaper than the traditional floodlights.


Incandescent floodlights: Incandescent floodlights are cheap and very powerful. One light strategically placed can illuminate virtually every corner of the garden. They could work as the single light that produces the lighting for the entire garden, instead of having too many lights.

The disadvantage with this light is that it consumes a lot of power. It may not be necessary for exterior home and garden lighting. There are other alternatives to traditional floodlights, such as Halogen and CFL. These alternatives consume less than incandescent lights, but still consume a significant amount of power.

LED floodlights are better options, when it comes to power consumption. It can save more than 50% of power compared to traditional lamps made with Halogen or CLF technology. They produce much less heat compared to the other types of lamps. This is important for flood lights, which require a lot of power to produce the required lumens. If you will be using floodlights frequently, you need to consider LED to cut down on electricity bills.Security Detection Lights: To reduce electricity bills even further, light fixtures with sensors can be used, when the objective is to provide security. They light up only when movement is detected, therefore they do not need to be on the whole night. Even though this technology may seem sophisticated, there are many fixtures of this type that are very affordable.


Exterior lighting is sometimes used to create the right ambience for the garden. Some lamps can provide spot lighting and also create the right ambience that is needed for your patio or garden. The colour of the light produced, design, how and where the fixtures will be installed are all considerations that need to be made.Recessed Halogen lights: This can be used to light pathways. They produce a soft white light that is bright enough to light the path, but not too bright that it glares. The design is such that the bulb is hidden and the light cannot be easily knocked down when someone is walking on the pathway.Lantern: Lanterns come in a wide range of design and styles that make them suitable for outdoor gardens, especially places where you entertain guests. The classical look makes the garden look elegant and sophisticated. 


 Electrical Safety

Before you buy Exterior lights, you must ensure that they are manufactured and designed for outdoor lighting. Most of them will be rated ‘outdoor’. The cables and wiring must also be done properly, to ensure the safety of your family and your home.


Luma Lighting is a trusted provider of interior, garden, and outdoor lighting fixtures for commercial and residential properties. Get in touch with us today for a wide selection of power-saving light fixtures at

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How to Come Up With the Best Bathroom Lighting Scheme

How to Come Up With the Best Bathroom Lighting Scheme | Click Light Switches & Sockets - Luma Lighting UK |
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Taking time to consider the different types of sockets and the best bathroom lighting scheme is the greatest choice you can make for your bathroom. You can make your bathroom look exquisite, wow your guests, and create a tranquil space where you can unwind after a long day.

Planning the Electrical Network

Planning how your bathroom will look involves a number of things. You need to choose the right fixtures, proper combination of lighting and fittings, as well as plan the right location for these fixtures. You should also not forget other considerations such as safety and utility.

Before you even choose the fittings and fixtures, you need to determine what the best bathroom lighting scheme is going to be for. The plan you have, may require new connections and new sockets.

This could prove to be an obstacle, if you choose to buy the fittings first before planning the electrical installations.  You may find yourself with fittings you do not need, and this could cost you more than you had planned.

Building codes may require certain procedures to be followed. A new socket may be impractical, given the building codes in your area. If there is extensive electrical work, be sure to consult an electrician before investing in any electrical fixtures.

Determine the area for dressing, shaving, and grooming. The grooming area should have proper lighting for clear visibility. This is important when shaving, or applying makeup next to the mirror.

Direct lighting needs to be well coordinated with muted light and wall fixtures. Muted light shouldn’t cast shadows, especially around the grooming area. Determine where the dressing area is, to ensure the lights are well coordinated.

As you plan, you should not forget plans for daytime lighting. You need to determine if the lighting is good enough during the day. Natural light is always the best option. It good for the ambience and is a greener option, compared to using artificial lighting during the day. You may need to clear out bushes and branches outside your bathroom window to allow adequate amount of light into the room.

Appropriate Bulbs

The best aesthetics is with soft light. Incandescent light provides light that is too bright, and this should ideally not be part of your bathroom lighting option. Modern lighting demands the overhead lights not be understated, as they provide overall lighting for the whole room.

Fluorescent light fixtures are a great choice, if you need soft light in the bathroom. The modern compact florescent lights are much more sophisticated. They provide a sharper soft light, compared to the older types of fluorescent that became dull and produce poor quality light after a short period of time.

LED lights are the best for overhead lighting. They are the most energy efficient lighting options that closely mimic natural light. Coupled with the soft illumination of modern compact florescent lighting, they can create the kind of tranquil ambience that makes modern bathrooms look elegant and sophisticated.

Mirrors and Colour Schemes

Mirrors: Use mirrors for reflection. Avoid shadows particularly on the grooming area. Large mirrors are particularly useful for small rooms. They create the necessary space that may be lacking there.


Even though the lighting is often understated and not bright, it is advisable to avoid dark colours. Colours play a vital role in lighting. They can make the difference between an average and amazing lighting.

The smaller the room, the more you should avoid darker colours. Use bright colours and even white. White is always a good choice for a bathroom. Use big mirrors for smaller rooms. They create a lot of room, as well as illuminate the space.

Fixtures and Switches

Consider lighting fixtures with more switches. This gives you the flexibility to determine the amount of illumination you need at any given time. Utility and safety are also important considerations. Consult an electrician, if you will be making new connections since the building codes can be complicated for an inexperienced person to understand.

Consider accessories such as hanging pendants and fancy wall lights, when making a choice on the different types of sockets and best bathroom lighting scheme. Pendants and fancy fixtures can give your bathroom the elegance you have been craving for.

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How to Select the Right Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are an essential component for your desk at home. There are critical issues to consider when selecting the desk lamps. However, there are also a variety of lamps to choose from.  

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A lamp is just not a source of light on your reading table. It’s more of a functional accessory in a room. And just like with any other accessory, there are a lot of choices or varieties of desk lamps to choose from. Here we are going to explore how to select the right desk lamps, as well as what considerations you should factor before the actual process.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Desk Lamp



This is where most people go wrong, when it comes to selecting lamps for their desks. Most people just eyeball the size of the area that the lamp will be set. This usually results in the buyer actually having remorse, as the lamp does not fit well. To avoid this catastrophic scenario, it is advisable to appropriately measure the table height and the table’s circumference. The desk lamp should not overlap the desk.

You also need to consider the weight of the desk lamp before purchasing one. The lamp should be heavy and sturdy, if your desk is located near where kids play or where people pass through to get from one spot to another in the room. This way it will be harder to knock over the desk lamp and damage it. However, if the location is not too ‘busy’ you can opt for a lighter desk lamp.


As pointed out earlier, a desk lamp is functional accessory. The lamp has to fit in with your décor, or it will stick out like a sore thumb. There are so many styles to choose from, but here are just a few: Modern, Classic, and Global. The classic types have a traditional feel to them, plus the 3 were designed many years ago. Have a look around the room and see which color or style of lamp would best suit the desk and the area around it. The modern types of lamps have a sleek design, and are meant to blend appropriately with today’s heavily polished metals.

Let us talk about bases. A crystal base on a lamp adds a hint of glamour to the desk. An iron base will provide richness. You can also go for a lamp with a clear base, so as to create an illusion that the desk has less weight on top of it. For a more traditional old school feel, which is also luxurious, you can purchase a lamp that has a porcelain base. You can also go exotic with a Moroccan based lamp, which is a wonderful choice despite how basic your décor might be.


This is obviously the most important consideration to make when selecting desk lamps. The primary function of the desk lamp is to provide light at the desk for you to see clearly. The task of the lamp is intertwined with the task of the desk. Most desks and their lamps are meant for reading. In this case, you should select a desk lamp with a translucent shade such as quality paper shades. If the lamp is meant to brighten the room or just for decorative purposes, then select a lamp that has opaque shading. This lamp will cast the light from the floor to the ceiling, but not outwards. Shades are important on the lamps, because an exposed bulb can produce a glare that is dangerous to your eyes.

You should also consider the wattage of the bulb. Obviously, if the task of the lamp is to assist you while reading or drawing, then the lamp should have a higher wattage. If the lamp is basically a decorative fixture, then the wattage of the bulb in the lamp should be slightly lower.


This is a critical consideration that you will need to take seriously, so that you are always comfortable with the desk lamp. There are two choices here; swiveled, or fixed. Swiveled desk lamps allow you to shift the direction of the light source as you see fit. The fixed desk lamp is stationery, but it will always illuminate in the general direction that you want it to. 

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Polished Chrome Switches and Sockets - Click Switches & Sockets from Luma Lighting UK

Polished Chrome Switches and Sockets - Click Switches & Sockets from Luma Lighting UK | Click Light Switches & Sockets - Luma Lighting UK |
Get a complete range of contemporary polished chrome accessories, Click Switches & Sockets from Luma Lighting UK at best price Click Switches & Sockets from Luma Lighting UK
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