Cleaning Service in London
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Cleaning Service in London
Klean Keepers is the cleaning solution consumers go to when they need something done fast and efficiently. Not only will they clean one’s house while they are out doing other things, they offer a wide variety of services at a lower price, making them the place to go to when cleaning services are needed. Not only do they provide the typical domestic cleaning London and spring cleaning, they also clean sofa, upholstery, carpet cleaning, home removals, decorating, and even handyman work such as renovation and building! Their extensive range is what makes them one of the most popular cleaning services in London. Not only do they provide lightning-fast and fun cleaning services, they also have a great level of ethics for their services and won’t leave their customers with an unsatisfactory product. They are also environmentally friendly, using only cleaners with a natural extract such as citrus or pine and will only employ cloth or other recyclable materials when cleaning their customer’s homes. So not only do they care about the people they work for, they also care about the environment around them too and its preservation. Their customer repute is obvious as well. All of their clients are satisfied with their service and even one testimonial said “The best carpet cleaners I have used so far since living in London. Good prices and an excellent service. The carpets were finished off quickly and were actually clean at the end. I would recommend you to anybody who asked.” Their client satisfaction is nothing to joke about, as they have cleaned many flats in London and have given excellent customer service. Another Added bonus is they have now introduced their own line of cleaning products so that they can get their customers to have fun cleaning like they do. Some of their products range from pink polka-dot gloves to different cleaning brushes for sparkling up your own kitchen. This gives the customer a feeling of excitement and satisfaction while they clean which helps the mundane chore of cleaning be a little bit more fun for everyone. Klean Keepers will help not only clean your home, but get you excited to clean as well. One can contact these cleaners by either calling Conrad at 020 7978 One can also visit them physically at the address 21 Ingate Place Battersea in London, London, United Kingdom. Conrad Wisniewski Business Development Manager Mobile: 0745 399 0252 Phone: + 44 207 978 2004 Klean Keepers cleaning & maintenance 21 Ingate Place Battersea, London SW8 3NS Phone: + 44 207 978 2004 e-mail:
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