Clean Energy Future
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Clean Energy Future
Technology and actions to transition to a green future with clean and abundant renewable energy.
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Zeolite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Zeolite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | Clean Energy Future |
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Lower carbon & better quality with zeolite: "Synthetic zeolite is also being used as an additive in the production process of warm mix asphalt concrete. The development of this application started in Germany in the 1990s. It helps by decreasing the temperature level during manufacture and laying of asphalt concrete, resulting in lower consumption of fossil fuels, thus releasing less carbon dioxide, aerosols, and vapours. Other than that, the use of synthetic zeolite in hot mixed asphalt leads to easier compaction and, to a certain degree, allows cold weather paving and longer hauls."

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The External Costs Of Fossil Fuels Are Large

The External Costs Of Fossil Fuels Are Large | Clean Energy Future |
The following is the testimony of Daniel J.

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"When considering energy prices, there are three primary considerations.

Fossil fuel prices do not include the costs of their side effects such as air pollution and the associated health care costs for premature deaths or asthma attacks.The Obama administration has adopted important policies to reduce energy costs for middle- and lower-income families.Expanding domestic oil production in protected lands and waters will not lower gasoline prices, but high gasoline prices yield high oil company profits for companies receivng huge tax breaks."
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Financial markets inherently biased against clean energy, warn analysts

Financial markets inherently biased against clean energy, warn analysts | Clean Energy Future |

Clean energy firms might be lobbying the wrong ministers when they seek market reforms to help drive green investment. Rather than focusing on energy policies, they should be seeking to reform the "institutionally fossilist" financial markets.

That is the stark message contained in a new report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), which uncovered a litany of biases in financial regulation that tilt markets in favour of conventional energy and could potentially hold back the flow of investment into renewable energy technologies.


A white paper, published this week, identified seven major financial regulations which appeared to be dissuading investors from backing clean energy investments that tend to require high upfront investment

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