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Over Forty Million Dollars Closed for Construction and Equity Finance by Clayton Perlma

project manager, business owner, and developer.  He has experience in negotiations, For a little over three decades Clayton Perlman has worked in the real estate development industry. His many roles included bidding, acquisitions, and financing.

Clayton Perlman's insight:

company. Perlman began work as a Project Manager for Perlman Properties in Atlantic City, New Jersey. By 1986, he was ready to test his own skills as a business owner. "I became co-founder and Vice President of FICCA Perlman Developers in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. It was good practice for me as a young professional," says Clayton Perlman.

As Vice President, Clayton Perlman was responsible for the negotiations of the acquisitions, finance, and supervision of the company's daily operations. "I learned through experience there is a lot of work that goes into running your own business,” recalls Clayton Perlman. “It is not a simple 9-to-5 job."

Next, he moved to California, where he founded Perlman Properties of California in February of 1988. "In California, I built my real estate development and construction company. I not only had to secure myself the work, but I had to have the equipment to build. I coordinated $30 million of financing for my projects,” says Clayton Perlman.

Clayton Perlman, as Principal and President of Perlman Properties of California, carried many duties including the management of employees and cash flow. While the vast majority of Clayton Perlman's work was in residential development, Clayton Perlman did broker and develop two major casino properties.

The vast majority of financing done by Clayton Perlman was performed while he lived and worked in California. He also developed projects under other business names in New Jersey, Nevada, and Utah. "I have been responsible for negotiating, processing, and closing over $40 million in construction and equity financing, and over $11 million in mortgage loan closings," says Clayton Perlman.

"I have developed and sold over 100 homes and 300 lots throughout California, New Jersey, Utah, and Nevada,” Clayton Perlman adds. “In California, I acquired a 295-unit, multi-family residential project in addition to high-end single family residential lots. In Nevada, under a new company name, I was responsible for the construction and development of residential units within a total development of 4,500 homes.”

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Warmer Weather Assists Real Estate Developer Clayton Perlman

Real estate developer Clayton Perlman welcomes the end of winter so New Jersey real estate projects can continue without weather delays.

Clayton Perlman's insight:

Clayton Perlman is a real estate developer with over two decades of experience. His skills are so well developed that he does not need to live in the state his projects are being developed in. His master skill is project management. "There are times I may be working on a single project to multiple projects," says Clayton Perlman. His skills at maintaining order are a testament to his experience and professionalism.

Unlike working in a warm weather climate, where weather is perfect year round, the majority of Clayton Perlman's work is focused in New Jersey. "There are many things that can delay a development project and weather is a big factor. Some weather conditions are just not ideal for starting a project," says Clayton Perlman.

He should know; Clayton Perlman is a second-generation real estate developer. He first started supervising projects for his family's company, Perlman Properties LLC. "Working as a superintendent and later in acquisitions was a wonderful foundation to base my career upon. With a family business and second generation developer, I knew many of the ins and outs of the business," says Clayton Perlman. Those tips included navigating around any number of project snags.

"The majority of my projects take place in Monmouth County, New Jersey," says Clayton Perlman, "As a coastal state, you worry about things like storms that may slow a project." Weather related problems that affect the state can be seen in the hurricanes that hit the state. Both hurricanes Irene and Sandy caused damage and affected business. "You just can't have people working in hazardous conditions. Weather can halt work or cause delays in getting project materials," says Clayton Perlman.

Now that the weather is warm and clear, construction crews have fewer bad days to hamper projects. "A good crew can work in almost any condition, but weather affects everyone, including mood. With spring almost over and summer approaching, it is easy to get supplies on time. In northern regions like New Jersey, it is often the case of two seasons: winter and construction season," says Clayton Perlman. Clayton Perlman celebrates spring with new single family and multi-family real estate development projects.

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Clayton Perlman Examines Risks of Real Estate Development

Clayton Perlman Examines Risks of Real Estate Development | Clayton Perlman |

Clayton Perlman has managed residential real estate projects since 1982. He has developed properties through a number of business. In his many years, Clayton Perlman has gained a better understanding about the various risks of real estate development as well as a few methods for mitigating risks.

Clayton Perlman's insight:

Clayton Perlman is a residential real estate developer but there are different types of real estate. Real estate include:






Area development

Clayton Perlman knows from experience that different areas come with their own risks. One risk associated with residential real estate development is land value risk. "The risk of land value changes with the market. When performing land acquisition, you have to determine the risk that the value of your land will change," says Clayton Perlman.

There are a different factors that determine the type of development that may be useful for an area. "In an area with a large senior population, building mini-mansions is not profitable. Seniors or retired individuals will be interested in smaller, more easy to manage homes like small homes, condos, or apartments," explains Clayton Perlman.

Other factors that affect real estate is the cost of building supplies. Land values vary by region. Also, as price of raw material increases, building large developments may not be profitable for real estate developers. Increased labor costs are another important factor project managers have to consider as well.

"Building real estate is risky because you are essentially building a product to sell. A real estate developer needs their project to be attractive and valuable. There needs to be a demand or want for it," says Clayton Perlman. Essentially, if high-end homes are built in a low-income area, the home won't sell. On the opposite end, in an affluent area where people want large homes with decent yardage, multi-family projects may be spurned.

As a real estate developer, Clayton Perlman understands the extensive amount of research that goes into land acquisition. As a professional, he needs to know what land value is, what it is projected to be, what labor costs are, and what building material costs are. Once the various aspects are known, Clayton Perlman and other land developers can determine whether or not developing property will be profitable.

Clayton Perlman takes many factors into consideration including a region's projected employment growth. Demographics are another important factor for real estate development. Clayton Perlman's own experience has been honed through years of experience working under multiple companies in multiple states.

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Clayton Perlman Prepared to Bring Life Back to Monmouth County

Clayton Perlman has years of experience identifying prime land for real estate development.

Clayton Perlman's insight:

Clayton Perlman has years of experience identifying prime land for real estate development. His abilities include management and acquisitions. He began his career with Perlman Properties in 1986 where he earned hands-on experience with the family real estate business. Now, as a second generation real estate developer, Clayton Perlman is prepared to take on greater development challenges.

"Right now, my development projects are primarily focused in New Jersey, but I manage a number of projects all around the country, " states Clayton Perlman. He first built homes in New Jersey in 1986, under Ficca Perlman Developers. Clayton Perlman worked under the company the same time he was superintendent for his family business.

He turned his focus away from New Jersey in 1990. He developed single and multi-family projects in California until 1995 under Perlman Properties of California, LLC. Eventually, Clayton Perlman would have development projects occurring in California, Florida, Nevada, and Utah. He returned to New Jersey in 2005.

"I've developed residential projects under a number of different limited liability companies," says Clayton Perlman. His projects are built under Laurel Woods Estates, LLC, Perlman Properties, LLC, Browns Point Marina, and Paint Island Springs, LLC. Working under different LLC's, Clayton Perlman is able to team up with the best contractors in the area to build the single family and multi-family homes he envisions. In a smaller State like New Jersey, it is common for properties to be closer together, many multi-family homes make it easier to house many families in close proximity.

"The majority of my projects are in Monmouth County. Unfortunately, this county was one of the counties that took a beating from Hurricane Sandy. The result of the storms means opportunities to rebuild once the debris along the coastline is cleared," states Clayton Perlman.

The storm completely demolished or damaged thousands of homes. "Some of the damage is so bad that renovating isn't an option. Individual homes, multi-family homes, and entire neighborhoods have to be rebuilt from the ground up. It leaves plenty of opportunity to build new homes where outdated homes once stood," says Clayton Perlman. As a real estate developer, Clayton Perlman plans to help rebuild in the community that has offered development opportunities years before the super-storm hit the coast.

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