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Have an Armchair in your Living Room to Beautify it now!

A house becomes a home when you decide to live in it. When you decide to have a home of your own, the first thing you would do is to bring in your own pieces of décor items and upholstery and furniture to ensure that it exudes warmth and comfort. An armchair, a couch, a bed, a mattress, a cupboard, a wardrobe, a little poster, a beautiful painting, an ornate mantle-piece, all of these make a house very close to our heart. These days, whenwe move around from one place to the next, we might go from an apartment to a house in one of the busiest parts of the UK. This is one of the main reasons for people to have well made furniture pieces so that they can move around with piece of mind.Furniture is a necessity and having to bring them wherever you go, whichever city you may next call home. Buying new pieces at every place may sometimes be necessary but not always cost effective. Still, a favourite armchair or a couch that can give you the comfort that can help you settle down in a new surrounding to that same peaceful feel that you always had.


Comfort and peace of mind assured:

We are aware of how important small furniture can actually reflect our innermost feelings and moods. When we buy a small piece of furniture for our bedroom or our living room, a lot of our emotions and personality gets reflected in it. We may not be aware of how an armchair designed with high backs or with ornate legs that you bought from a reputed showroom like Mille Couleurs, could actually reflect our personality. When you go through their store’s collection of armchair and coffee tables, you can see the precision and the level of artistry involved in crafting each piece.


Furniture for every occasion:

An armchair is one of the pieces of furniture that finds place in every room and in all kinds of décor since, the main idea is to have one is comfort and complete backrest. Many people who prefer to read books would like to sit in an armchair and stretch their legs out and find time rushing through the pages. But, the main fact is that apart from armchair, you can have several other designer and haute couture designs for your furniture like dressers, couches and cots with ornate headboard and storage spaces too.


The quality of these furniture outweighs theirs pricessince, the main aim is to bring in comfort to your home through these unique furniture and add beauty to your living space making your house, your home.


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Guide To Buying An Armchair

If you are looking for a perfect furniture piece on which to sit back and relax on while watching the television, having a chat with family or friends, or reading a book in solitude, then an armchair can be a perfect choice to add to your house.


Today, the choices of styles are abundant. From classic club chairs well as to more contemporary designs, there is a chair suitable for every home. You can ideally complement any part of your house by adding an armchair to it. The armchair that you buy depends on the place where you are going to keep it, the interior decor of that space, and type of fabric, filling, shape or size you prefer.


Factors to consider when buying an armchair

What makes an armchair a perfect piece of furniture is that it offers extreme comfort to the user, and at the same time transforms the entire look of the space where it is kept. A suitable look can be done without breaking the bank. You will find traditional as well as contemporary armchair styles in leather, linens, cottons etc. For example, if you are going to keep the armchair in your living room, then find the one that will perfectly coordinate with your sofa design, the layout of the room, and the design elements of the space. The armchair that you choose should also perfectly fit into your lifestyle. For instance, if your kids want to lounge while having hot chocolate and ice-cream in it, then it would be best to buy a piece with removable and washable covers or in leather that can be easily wiped.


Look at the size

If you have a spacious room where you want to keep the armchair, then a larger vintage armchair will be perfect. But if it is going to sit in a tight guest-room, then consider a smaller armchair. Apart from that, keep other furnishings of the room in mind too, so that the armchair works well with them, and not against them. Also give attention to the current design of your room, in addition to your personal requirements and preferences. A leather armchair will be a dominating point of focus in your room. If you prefer a rustic look, then distressed leather or a wooden piece, then find an armchair with less padding and more of exposed wood as characteristics. On the contrary, if you are looking for an armchair that you want to be using everyday to unwind and relax, then choose the one with thick cushioning and durable upholstery. This kind of armchair will be able to withstand daily wear and tear more gracefully.


An armchair always tends to be accent pieces of furniture. Add them to your room, balcony, backyard or the lobby, and have a great time relaxing and lounging everyday.


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An Armchair - Your Ideal Reading Accessory



Mille Couleurs London's insight:

Everyone loves a certain corner of home, a place where one can sit or lie comfortably or even spend some solitary moments in great peace or solitude. It’s also known that many of us have such corners or places in our home where we would like to spend the days or even some nights. An armchair or a couch, even a furniture piece could be considered a firm favourite amongst other things. We all love to call a place our home, since we feel comfortable in that particular place or small accessory.

An armchair is not just a piece of furniture:

True, those who love to decorate their homes with fine pieces of furniture would understand that it is very nice to have a home decorated with matching pieces of furniture and great upholstery. Amongst those, it is very natural for many of us to buy chair and tables, but when it comes to supreme comfort to the entire back region of our body then nothing beats an armchair. The high backed ones, the low backed ones, with arm rests and intricately designed Victorian patterns on the legs of the chair give it the most elegant looks that makes a house a home.

More uses and love for armchair:

In the earlier days, people used to consider a parlour or a living room incomplete without a fireplace, a marble mantle piece and of course, an armchair beside it. This would set the mood right for any season. On rainy evenings, it would do great comfort to any drenched visitors to sit on such an armchair and get him dried up and warmed up of the fireplace.

In winter too, an armchair would be a great accessory for anyone who wishes to curl up on it with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee and a book for good company.

Libraries, lounges and regal mansions are still incomplete without a royal looking armchair scattered around the room.

Modern day furnishing needs an armchair too:

True, though times have changed and people have to accommodate themselves in smaller studio apartments, comforts like a plush handcrafted armchair from a stylish such as Mille Couleurs will always be a great welcome home after a long day at work. These days, when people spend long hours sitting in front of the computer or in front of the television, it is only logical that the day ends with a romantic novel and a glass of wine with our feet up on a settee and you in an armchair.For this reason comfort and elegance is the key ingredient.

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Get Classic and Stylish Fabric Walling to Give your Home a Regal Touch

Interiors are now given a significant amount of attention whether it is for a home or an office. Right from selecting the wall colours to the bespoke furniture, people don’t hesitate to seek professional interior design services. When the question arises about beautification of walls, painting the walls with ultra smooth finish giving colours seems to be the most convenient option. Some also try colourful wallpapers that can go well with the upholstery. However, if the desire is to give your home a regal touch, fabric walling is unbeatable in terms of style and is itself a class apart.


Some people prefer to only have panels or headboard made instead of covering all the walls in fabric. A perfect mix of beautiful and rich headboard and matching or contrasted with handpicked home accessories has the potential to make a home look and feel like heaven.


The advantages of fabric walling

Fabric use for enhancing interiors has been in practice since the 18th century. The upholstery/fabric walling was given more prominence at that time.


Now, with so many options, walls are now covered with fabrics or individual fabric panels for a regal look and feel. There are in fact many advantages of this type of walling apart from its style quotient. Some of these are the following ones.


A better alternative than fixing then painting extremely rough or uneven walls
Ideal for creating an extremely cosy atmosphere to relax
Add a certain depth in the interiors with its wide range of textures
Effective in creating a sound proof environment helpful for meeting rooms, home cinemas and bedrooms


Gone are the days when walling was considered out of fashion or outdated as now even top-notch interior design services are offering stretched fabric walling at affordable pricings.


Mille Couleurs London is such destination where you can get stunning fabrics to create a bespoke fabric walling on walls in a bespoke manner. The company specializes in catering to the niche upper market who values premium quality of services more than anything else when it matters to interiors.


So, if you need to give your interiors need refreshing, then just try the exquisite fabric walling of Mille Couleurs and see the magic of their creativity that oozes style in a true regal manner. For a quick contact, don’t hesitate to call at +44 207 263 3660. The company has also a great presence over social media.


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Fabric Walling, Home Accessories, Interior Design Services, Upholstery

Fabric Walling, Home Accessories, Interior Design Services, Upholstery | Mille Couleurs London |



Mille Couleurs London's insight:

If we were asked on why we buy a house, then the reply would be to have our own property in the city. More than the property people today, do not mind in spending for the interior design services and in getting the matching furniture and other home accessories for their new homes.

The Popularity of interior designing

These days most of the homes are made in a compact style and many of them are not as spacious as they would need to be. This makes it illogical to hang on to the old mammoth sized beds and old armchair and cabinets as they would only take up a lot of space. Therefore, it is only understandable that people are going for professional interior designers like Mille Couleurs, London for designing and planning out the location and size of furniture and the matching upholstery that will not take up large space and yet, fulfil the purpose. The furniture that you should ideally have in these homes should be very compact and not just eating up a lot of space in the room leaving you little moving space about.

Home Accessories - Chic and Cost Effective

If you have love for patterned or textured wallpaper or wall furnishing, you can try out the fabric walling that makes cleaning very easy and cost effective too. Who said that if you go for designer stuff, you would have to shell out a lot of money? For, these days, you have plenty of cost effective methods to ensure that you give your dream home the classy look and yet, remain well within your budget.

Craft to adorn your homes

Many companies offer these products off the shelves from their production factories, but only few companies actually take care in bringing out every product from their artisans’ studios where, these upholstery and furniture pieces are handmade and carefully designed. Mille Couleurs London is one such company based in London wherefrom one can expect to get all the interior designing pieces and accessories to fit and suit in with your home. If you have just got your interiors painted, and would love to renovate the furniture to match them without worrying a lot about asking anyone and everyone. Your luxury home fittings and furnishings too can be crafted as per the consultation with the in-house designers. Apart from private homes, they also offer their designing services to business and hospitality based properties too.

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Add Style To Your Room In The Form of A Beanbag

You can make a room more relaxing and inviting by adding a beanbag in it. Beanbags have been around for several years now, and continue to be favorites among most families. Basically, beanbag is a large bag of fabric filled with tiny polystyrene beads. Mostly made of leather, these beanbags are extremely comfortable and relaxing, as the beads mold to the contours of the person’s body sitting on it and massaging them in the process promoting a great sensation of calm and relaxation.


Have a look at the variety

If you want to match your beanbag with the rest of your room’s furniture, then you would be amazed to see the variety of colours and designs available. So, whether you are going to keep the beanbag in the kids’ playroom, study, or the living room, you will easily find the one that will perfectly blend with the surroundings.


Ease of maintenance

Other furniture pieces like sofas, reclines and chairs need replacement after a few years. But a fine quality leather beanbag can actually last longer. If the beanbag starts losing shape, you can regain its look by filling it with new beans. Most beanbags are made of easily washable fabric, which can be washed whenever it gets dirty. If you are using a leather beanbag, you can make it new just by wipe cleaning it with a damp cloth.


The mobility feature

Since a beanbag is frameless and shapeless, its beans can be extracted out and it can be easily folded and stored away. You may also carry it along without consuming space, in case you are shifting house. Because it is light in weight, it can be an ideal chair to sit at a campsite or during an outdoor picnic. It can easily be drag around the house from the living room, to the playroom, and then to the bedroom.


Health benefits of beanbags

When you come back home after a hectic day’s work, you can lay back on a beanbag and unwind. You may also meditate on this chair any time of the day. Being an ergonomically designed chair, it can help in relieving a number of pains and aches in your body. If you work on your laptop for several hours a day, or if you are a reading enthusiast, then do your work or read your book while sitting on a beanbag. As it will allow you to change positions and adjust to the contours of your body, you will be less prone to develop joint pains and backaches.


So, if you are looking for a stylish, modern, and body-friendly piece of furniture, then beanbag will be an ideal seat to purchase.


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Must have Home Accessories



Mille Couleurs London's insight:

Home accessories play a very essential and important part of home décor irrespective of the kind of home. These add character to the house making it special and unique and different from each other. Here are a few kinds of home accessories that are a must in every home in order to lend a certain individualist feel to it.


Mirrors of any size or shape tend to add a sense of extended space in the house. Though this is a mere illusion however, it tends to work well in areas that are small as it gives a feeling of space. Mirrors as Home accessories are good option to use in rooms that have a problem with natural lighting sources. In this way, the natural light source gets reflected giving the illusion of space.


Plants, be it indoors or outdoors are also home accessories which tend to beautify the space. Indoor plants tend to also purify the air and generate more oxygen. Hence, plants apart from having an ornamental aspect to it tend to be healthy for us as well. The choice of plants, the way they are placed and the health of the plants tends to speak a lot about the owner or the inhabitants of the house.

Personal collections

One of the home accessories, which are essential to adding character to the home,are personal collections. Personal collections can be anything from work of art, to images, figurines, masks, sculptures etc. These items are collected over a great period of time and tend to have great sentimental values but sometimes monetary value.

Designer storage

Storage is an issue that plagues most of us. No matter how big our homes are, there’s always issues regarding storage. Hence, one of the home accessories that need to be incorporated in the house is smart storage solutions. These can be related to the bedroom, garage and even the kitchen. A smart designer storage solution is one of the home accessories that will keep your house clutter free and organized. It is essential to use every single empty space and utilize it completely.

MC London is a company into home accessories wherein you can find great items to personalize your living space, bedrooms and a lot more. It is imperative to have thoughtful items to enhance the quality of your house as they can be of great use otherwise apart from being essentially a usable item.

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Give an inviting Look to your living room by using throws and cushions

Mille Couleurs London's insight:

Living room is undoubtedly the mirror of its owner as it depicts his or her taste and need. Living room is also the place where friends or strangers are invited. Thus, there is much more to a living room and emphasis is always to make it comfortable and inviting as much as possible.

Today, there are many options to make this room an inviting one by adding high quality throws and cushions as per the other decorative elements of the room.  This is an inexpensive way of making the room welcoming and putting your personal stamp as a house owner. A sofa throw can also be included in your bedroom to re-vamp and add life and vibrancy to the room.

The use of cushions and throws

Cushions and throws when matched or when in contrast to other tones adds a lot to your home decor. A sofa can be made comfortable with a soft fluffy faux fur throws on the armrest.

Large throws can be also used as a blanket for the much needed sense of warmth. Even if they are placed just on the sofa in a messy manner, they just look great when used with assorted cushions.

If children are in the home, throws are perfect to protect your sofa from getting the dust and dirt.

Cushions are perfect to compliment and to add a final touch to any décor. A cushion can be made in various fabrics such as leather, faux fur, linen and much more. With a large spectrum of fabrics available is easy to find a fabric to match your home accessories and décor perfectly.

Choosing the right fabric

Based on your home décor, it is vital to choose the right fabric for cushions and throws. For a conventional arrangement, decorative cushions are suitable, but for a more modern sophisticated look, leather cushions are unbeatable. Faux fur cushions are a good choice if there is the need to have some fabric that feels good to the touch and huggable!

Throws and cushions along with good quality upholstery give a complete feel-good look to the living room.

Now, reliable interior design services are available and there are not many companies that offer a full interior design. For a high quality and impeccable finish on fabric walling as well as furniture like beanbags and armchairs to give your living room an inviting look, Mille Couleurs London is the only destination where one can get all that is needed to give your living room a special personal touch.

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Make your Home More Appealing by Furniture from Mille Couleurs London

There are a myriad of ways to make a home look more appealing and inviting. Some are expensive like buying a new piece of furniture or adding crown moulding. There are also inexpensive ways like getting attractive eye-pleasing upholstery or fabric walling that can be an eyesore for neigh borers for sure.  However, no one can match the effectiveness that a new furniture piece has in giving your home an altogether new look and feel. Some people go for beautiful home accessories for home improvement too. Even a simple bright coloured bean bag has the potential to add a splash of colour to your otherwise dull interiors. 

Now, people don’t hesitate to take help of professional interior design services to improve their home interiors like before as the importance of an appealing home is now acknowledged widely. This is something more than just for an aesthetic sense, but also for the reasons like getting an absolute comfort after days of hard work. Although, there is no dearth of good companies offering professional services in this regard, one company stands apart from the crowd because of its extremely inviting collection of furniture, home accessories and services like fabric walling. 

List of exquisite furniture available at Mille Couleurs

Strategically located in the beautiful city of London, known for its great aesthetic sense, the company has an e-boutique where one can get almost every type of furniture to accentuate the interiors of his home. The list of the kind of furniture available at the up-market shop is given below. 

Outdoor Iroko table, bench, seat, plant pot etc.
Antique Louis Philippe chairs  
Wooden table and chairs 
Upholstered headboard
Dining table and chairs 
Armchair and club chairs  
Stool, sofa, ottoman, bean bag and coffee tables


Thus, now making your home appealing is easier like never before. Still, if you find that buying new furniture is unaffordable for you, the smartest way is to just add some quality cushions and throws of some great fabric to make your home appearing appealing. Plenty of faux fur throws and cushions are also available at the London based boutique at affordable pricings. To have more information about the kind of services or furniture that one can get from the reputed company, it is advisable to just drop an email at or just navigate through their website to get an insight of their fabulous collection.


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