Voter ID Laws: Is the Damage Already Done? | Cindy |



I’d always used my ID to vote in the past, so I thought this was just one of those New Hampshire live-free-or-die things, an exception to the rule. Turns out I was wrong. All those years when I’d been handing over my license, the volunteers had apparently just been using it to check the spelling of my name. It wasn’t a requirement at all.

It strikes me as odd that we don’t need one. It seems like it would make sense. Voting is a fundamental right, so why wouldn’t we want to make sure…?

Ah, but what if there’s no real purpose to it? Just because something feels right doesn’t mean we should do it, particularly if it serves no purpose. It’s sort of like bathing in Cool Whip. Perhaps the experience would be soft and refreshing, but if it doesn’t actually do anything, then why bother? [MORE]

Via Michael Charney