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Sir Ken Robinson, PhD, is one of the internationally recognized leaders in the development of education creativity and innovation. Here he explains what an arts curriculum should look.


Sir Ken believes that an arts education should be on equal footing with other subjects and that cutting the arts is not a good thing.


Below some key quotes:


"To lose our culture is to lose our memory."


"There's a need for a balance in arts education in several respects. One of them is that a proper arts curriculum would provide for music, dance, visual arts, literature and drama."


"There should be a balance between actually doing the arts and secondly, engaging students in understanding other people's work. In other words, making and appraising."


"You must learn the skills and techniques of any area but they have to be taught in a way that enables you to think differently and imaginatively. There are forms of teaching that are highly uncreative and where the emphasis on discipline can kill the passion to make art."


"Another problem is that in this country there is a culture of standardized testing based on right or wrong types of answers. ...We have a tendency to make the measurable important versus the important measurable. The arts are about textures of meaning and understanding, and qualities of perception and expression. This does not mean that they cannot be assessed, but it is difficult to reduce them to simple paper and pencil tests."


"Part of our problem is that we have constructed education systems that are like production lines. There is a big separation in our schooling systems between the arts and the sciences."


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