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Scan QR codes from screen or image files directly onto your desktop. Download this free QR code desktop decoder – no registration or time limited trials. Check it out and use for free!


How this program works


CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader is a free tool that will let you quickly scan any QR Code from your screen – be it a part of the website, email, banner or a document. Simply run the program and hit From screen on the top menu.


Your standard mouse cursor will change into a cross to help you make a selection on your screen. Simply select an area with a QR Code and the program will automatically scan it.


Now you can simply copy decoded text to clipboard or save it to a file.


You can also select an image file that contains a QR Code and the program will locate it automatically and decode it. To do that, simply click From file on the top menu of the program and select a desired image from your hard drive.

Via Frédéric DEBAILLEUL, Rui Guimarães Lima