Charge your electric car with clean fossil free solar electricity around the clock | ciberpocket |
Solelia Greentech AB rents and sells solar powered charging stations, so that your organization can provide charging of electric cars with completely clean electricity. With an advantageous lease no capital needs to be tied up.

The electricity that is not used for charging when the sun shines is stored in a special solar account on Solbanken ™ (The Sun Bank) which can then be used at any time of the day, any day of the year.

The user can easily see how much solar electricity has been used and how much is left. Owners of charging stations can integrate their systems with Solbanken ™ to provide a basis for the billing of their parking customers’ consumption of electricity.

Simple plug and play solution. From investigating the placement to completed installation, Solelia is the easy & safe solution that requires only your interest in our clean solar solutions.
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