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Rescooped by Paulo Tomás Neves from Android news!

Why I Want To Go Back To Android

Why I Want To Go Back To Android | ciberpocket |

March is my iPhoneiversary. After using an Android smartphone for my entire adult life, I made an impulse decision to upgrade to an iPhone 5 last spring.

When I bought an iPhone, I didn’t realize that it would have no widgets at all. In the controlled environment of iOS 7, users need to actually open apps in order to use them. And while that doesn’t sound like much of an inconvenience, it’s a big change for a widget-loving Android user.

Even a year in, I’m still kind of afraid of my iPhone. I handle it more like a fragile baby bird, forever nestled in an enormous OtterBox case that literally doubles its size.


My iPhone screen looks exactly like everyone else's iPhone screen—a grid of colorful little squares. I've moved the squares I use the most to my main screen, but other than that there's not much I can do to adjust it.


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Rescooped by Paulo Tomás Neves from visualizing social media!

The Social Sickness - INFOGRAPHIC

The Social Sickness - INFOGRAPHIC | ciberpocket |

The Internet has become the building block of information creation and storage in the modern age. It’s a place where we can create websites, publications, blogs, and micro-blogs; then transfer that knowledge to people across the globe.

Social media has become one of the greatest harnessers of this technology and provides us with a multitude of platforms in which to engage and share content. With all of this social media bliss distracting us, sickness has also come knocking.
We have surrendered to the temptation to check our phones every two minutes to see how many likes our Instagram photos have, how many retweets our Twitter account got, and who commented on our Facebook posts...
The characters portrayed in this infographic bring us face-to-face with these tendencies, and shed insight into the types of personalties affected. Whether you’re an unabashed alert-lover, verb creator, or someone who would rather use the “like” button than ever fully engage with your friends ever again — there’s a 'social media sickness' for you.

Via Lauren Moss
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