Chrysalis Dental Centres
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Chrysalis Dental Centres

Chrysalis Dental Centres | Chrysalis Dental Centres |

Chrysalis Dental Centres

4576 Yonge St #100
Toronto, ON M2N 6N4, Canada
(416) 800-0927


Chrysalis Dental Centres are a dental implant company with branches located all over Canada. The provide a revolutionary tooth in a day procedure which allows clients to arrive on the day of the procedure and to leave a few hours later with beautiful, new, non-removable teeth. And what’s even better, you are able to eat immediately after your procedure. The long recovery times and limitations on activities associated with traditional dental implant methods are spared when you opt to go the Chrysalis way.

By utilizing dental implants and surgical approaches designed for same day teeth, Chrysalis Dental Centres are able to achieve sufficient stability on the day of the procedure in more than 95% of the cases they treat. Bone grafting is a popular and successful method that the professional team at Chrysalis are able to utilize for augmenting bone volume deficiency in order to accommodate clients who have been told by other dental practitioners that they don’t have enough bone density to fit an implant.

Patients who use the Chrysalis Dental Centre day procedure generally experience far less discomfort and a quicker healing time than they expected. Pain relievers are usually required for two to three days following the procedure, after which the patients are usually pain-free. In fact most of their patients eat solid food on the day of the surgery.

The new Chrysalis Dental Centre Permanent Teeth in a Day implant solution brings patients very close to feeling like they have their own natural teeth. Most people prefer the comfort and freedom of fixed, non-removable teeth.

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