Christmas Gifts For Kids
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12 Fantastic Cheap Toy Gift Ideas

12 Fantastic Cheap Toy Gift Ideas | Christmas Gifts For Kids |
Kelly Graham's insight:

Saving money doesn’t always mean that you are going to disappoint your child during his or her birthdays or during Christmas. There are a lot of great cheap toy and gift ideas that you can choose from nowadays that can still put a smile on the face of your child. Here are some of the fun but inexpensive toys that you can choose from.


1. Coloring Pencils

Does your child love to paint or draw? Then this is one of the best inexpensive toys that you can give to him or her. There are many coloring pencils which are available in stores nowadays that have decent quality but are cheap such as Crayola and Prismacolor products.


2. Syma S107 Remote Controlled Toy Helicopter

This is considered to be one of the best affordable toys that you can buy in stores today because a lot of children do want to own and play with a remote controlled helicopter these days. It is designed for indoor use and it only costs around $20. It has basic navigations such as moving up, down, right, left, forward and backward.


3. Board Games

There are board games which are not that cheap but most of them are very affordable. You just have to choose a board game or multiple cheap board games that will give your child or even your family a fun bonding time experience.


4. Top Trumps

These are fun and cheap and you can even choose from various kinds of Top Trumps which are available in stores today. It can be played by 2 or more players and they are very portable so that you will be able to play with it wherever you are and whenever you want to.


5. Action Figures and Dolls

Both actions figures and dolls have been fantastic gifts for children for several years and most of them can be bought at affordable prices.


6. Fancy Dress

There are a lot of cheap dresses that you can find in stores today. You can just go to charity shops that can provide you with more options and cheaper prices. Just bring your family to these shops and you’ll have fun letting them try on clothes and maybe you can even buy more than you are expecting since they are cheap.


7. Stationery

This item can be quite boring for some children but other kids will love to have cool stationery that they can show to their friends in school. It makes fantastic stocking fillers for the right child and is often stuff that you would have to buy them anyway.


8. Slippers and Socks

Novelty slippers and socks with funny patterns are quite cheap and you can buy your child more than one of these items and they’ll love it.


9. Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys such as jigsaw puzzles, chess sets and Rubik’s cubes cost cheap and are great in providing fun and challenging playtime for your child.


10. Second-Hand Videogames

If your kids already have gaming consoles, you can consider buying used or second-hand games for him or her. What’s great about it is that the price will be much cheaper. You can find a lot of these items in various stores nowadays.


11. Dorling Kindersley Books for Kids

Dorling Kindersley has been creating great books for children for several years now. You can find these books in local bookstores or used, and most of them are quite affordable and educational which is great. Of course there are tons of other kids books to choose from too.


12. Footballs

There are actually several options that you can choose from such as baseballs, soccer balls, basketballs and footballs. Also, these toys come at very affordable prices and they are loved by most children even when playing alone or together with siblings or friends.

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Understanding How to Improve Child’s Coordination and Balance

Understanding How to Improve Child’s Coordination and Balance | Christmas Gifts For Kids |
Kelly Graham's curator insight, January 22, 2014 7:02 AM

All people need to continue learning about how to improve coordination and balance in life. The skills of coordination and balance are very important in your daily movements, activities and prevention of injury. Both of these are skills that we will be using for the rest of our lives thus, it is important for you, as a parent, to know more about how to improve child’s coordination because they are going to need it while they grow.


About Coordination and Balance


Balance will require the full control of legs, arms, head and torso. Each part of the body should be stable and balanced. It plays an important role in certain activities such as standing on one foot, bending, standing and even sitting.


Coordination lets your child to engage in controlled and smooth body movements. This includes direction, speed and tensing the muscles of the body so that it will become well-coordinated. Both coordination and balance will give your child the ability to smoothly move.


Another interesting article about child development can be found at, a guide to cooking with kids and how it helps them.


The Importance of Coordination and Balance in Life


Proper development of coordination and balance will help your child to improve functional activities well when they reach adulthood. Balance will allow your child in developing their core strength and this can promote good posture and improve their health physically. Balance is gaining more control of the body parts to make it function accordingly such as lifting a heavy object, walking up and down the stairs and climbing a ladder.


Coordination will allow a person to do movements which are both simple and complex. Coordination is required to gain full control of balancing the body. Smooth movements which are perfectly times are now described as having full balance and coordination. Coordination is needed for your child to do actions or movements safely.


When Will Children Start Learning about Coordination and Balance Skills


Coordination will start to develop on the mouth and the head of the child. During around 9-12 months old, a normal child will start learning how to walk and this is when coordination and balance is definitely needed. When it comes to coordination, it usually starts when your child tries to grasp for objects.


Toddlers will use balance for certain activities such as kicking a ball and jumping. Balance is not really that stable during the younger years of your child but it will greatly improve when they reach kindergarten age.


Toys that will Help Improve Child’s Coordination and Balance


One of the best ways to help your child to improve his or her balance and coordination skills is to go for walks around the neighborhood or even on your backyard. Obstacle courses are also great for them to put their skills to the test. Just make sure that you will give them assistance to avoid any injuries.


Coordination and balance can also be improve through playing “catch the ball” with your child or by kicking a ball back and forth. You can do these activities for at least 30 minutes a day and you’ll be amazed how they will improve their coordination and balance skills.


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Best Baby Doll Toys Accessories for Kids

Best Baby Doll Toys Accessories for Kids | Christmas Gifts For Kids |
Kelly Graham's insight:

Baby doll toys are great companions especially for kids of both genders. If you have bought and given your child baby doll toys, then you should consider buying some doll toy accessories to make playing time more enjoyable for him or her.


Doll Toy Accessories for Kids

1. Strollers – It is one of the most well-known accessories when it comes to doll toys. Children really like to take their dolls on walks thus, having a stroller is a great idea for your child to do this.


2. Toy Bottles – Children are aware the babies should be fed with the use of milk bottles thus, they will really love it if you give them a toy bottle for their baby doll.


3. Clothes – For a child to enjoy playing with their baby doll and for them to be interested in playing with it for hours, it would be great if they can change the appearance of the doll with the use of doll clothes. You can them separately in toy stores.


4. Bathtubs – Children will definitely love giving his or her baby doll a bath therefore, having a toy bathtub is a great accessory to buy. You can purchase one separately.


5. Potties – One of the most basic things that your child would love to teach to his or her baby doll is how to go to potty. You can buy one separately and this is a great accessory along with the toy bathtub.


6. Baby Sling – If you do not like the idea of giving your child a stroller for his or her baby doll, then you could just choose buying a baby sling as an alternative. With this accessory, your child will be able to carry his or her doll anywhere.


7. Medical Kit – This is a great accessory especially if your child loves to pretend that he or she is a doctor. Through this accessory, your child can imitate treating his or her sick baby doll.


8. Shopping Cart – This is also a great alternative for a baby doll stroller but this can be used when your child goes shopping with you. They can just put his or her baby toy doll in it and push it while following you in the grocery store.


9. Highchair – During mealtime, this is one of the most useful accessories that your child can have for his or her baby doll. By having this, your child can sit beside his or her baby doll when they eat or pretend that they are feeding the doll.


10. Laundry Centre – Since you will be buying clothes for your child’s baby doll, this is a great accessory to come along with that. With this, your child can now pretend washing his or her baby doll’s clothes and it can even be used as a storage for the clothes of your child’s baby doll.



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Tips for Kids Christmas Gifts

Tips for Kids Christmas Gifts | Christmas Gifts For Kids |

During a Christmas holiday, there are always a lot of advertising that’s happening because they will also be a lot of giving that’s going to happen. There is no doubt that a lot of kids don’t fully understand the value of gifts because they are more focused on receiving one.

Knowing some tips for kids Christmas gifts and assisting your child in understand the value of gifts will allow them to learn about the true Christmas message and the true essence of giving.


Understanding Kids Christmas Gifts

1. Appreciation

In many cases, kids will feel that they will automatically be given gifts during Christmas. This is usually encouraged by the advertisements that they can see on the TV and peer pressure which can create a materialistic way of thinking.


Teach them how to appreciate what they receive for them to stop saying I want this and I want that and start saying thank you. This is an ultimate understanding about the true essence of gifts and giving especially during Christmas.


2. Giving

Showing your child the importance of giving will create a strong path in helping your kids to know and understand the essence of value of gifts. If they are always the one who is receiving, then how can they see the value of giving?


Let kids write a list of who they would like to give a gift, what gift and why. This will teach them the act of kindness and the value of giving. They can even go through their old toys and ask them if they want to donate it to other children who have less than they do. Through this, they will learn the feeling of giving something or doing something good for others.


3. Non-expecting

By demonstrating kids that there are more ways to enjoy the Christmas season other than receiving gifts, they will be able to learn about not expecting for gifts during this season. If you keep on giving gifts on them, they will get used to it instantly and they be expecting something during Christmas. Let them feel the spirit of Christmas by just enjoying this season with the family rather than expecting to receive something.


Showing children how to have an amazing Christmas and teaching them what Christmas really means will help them to understand that everything that they have, whether it’s a material or not, should be valued and treasured.


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