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 Whoever says that no one cares enough to protest anymore? Even as we type, six Greenpeace activists are scaling the tallest building in Western Europe, London's 1,016-foot Shard tower.


Sabine Huyghe from Belgium, Sandra Lamborn from Sweden, Canadian Victoria Henry, Ali Garrigan from the UK, Wiola Smul from Poland and Liesbeth Debbens from the Netherlands.

Codenamed operation "Iceclimb," the stunt is intended to raise the alarm about Shell's activities in the Artic, where the oil company has expensive plans to drill. Will the protesters make it up — and down again? Will police arrest them if they do? Follow their progress live, here.


And also: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-23266281


Impressive photos here




"Ali Garrigan even found time, and a free hand, to tweet updates during her ascent."

"The demonstrators are live-streaming the climb from helmet cameras, with birds-eye views of their ascent being broadcast live at www.iceclimb.savethearctic.org.


They said if they do hang the Arctic artwork it will be the highest successful installation an art project since Philippe Petit tightrope-walked between the twin towers of the World Trade Center in 1974."


"One climber, Victoria Henry, 32, a Canadian living in Hackney, London, said this morning: 'We'll try to hang a huge art installation 310m up that will make Shell think twice before sending their rigs into the Arctic."


Billed as the #Iceclimb, Facebook users and followers of other social media were invited to follow their progress live here.


Rock stars, celebrities and even the police tweet about #iceclimbAnnie Lennox@AnnieLennoxHere's an example of risking life and limb for a cause you believe in…Show your support by sharing #iceclimb




BREAKING: Look up London. We’re attempting to scale the Shard, Europe's tallest skyscraper. More soon on #iceclimb pic.twitter.com/WCzFlIPd6t 


Metropolitan Police*@MetPoliceEventDon't worry London, they don't know it yet but we're preparing a kettle for @GreenpeaceUK when they reach the top of the Shard. #iceclimb





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