Chinese Pollution
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Rescooped by Johnny Heaton from Green Forward - Environment-World!

Nine Chinese Cities More Polluted than Beijing

Nine Chinese Cities More Polluted than Beijing | Chinese Pollution |
The Chinese pollution problem is not confined to Beijing as there are nine other cities that actually suffered more days of severe smog in 2013.

Via Josh Marks
Johnny Heaton's insight:

          There are reported 9, yes 9 cities in China worse off than the Chinese capital of Beijing.These cities can go 9 months in smog and up to the entire year of straight pollution in these urban cities where millions of Chinese people live.


Soil, air & water are the pollution destroyers in China but for air pollution, China's not even in the world worst top 10 which is shocking and opens up even more questions.


10 cities from China are spreading large amounts of the 3 pollution's everywhere they want in China without restrictions and there are still 10 worse air polluted cities in the world than corporate China.


Globally the world has to become greener and those impacts can be made a grass roots decisions when purchasing products to by locally made products and services without outsourcing the world or product purchase from somewhere else.


Pollution of this mass  will take even more time to reverse than it did making the decision to damage and impact the Earth.


By: Johnathon Heaton 


Josh Marks's curator insight, March 13, 2014 10:28 AM

My Inhabitat story on the nine Chinese cities that suffered more severely smoggy days in 2013 than Beijing.

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The answer to Chinese pollution? It's in Japan - Fortune Tech

The answer to Chinese pollution? It's in Japan - Fortune Tech | Chinese Pollution |

Despite tension between the two powers, solutions to China's pollution woes may be in Japan.

Via Deb Kemper
Johnny Heaton's insight:

          China's obnoxious pollution problem is at a point where the environment on the coast of Japan is being effected by the toxic smog in the air created from China's corporate pollution problem.

This neighborly act by China to Japan has required the Japanese to focus on the anti-pollution technology to solve the problem in Japan then hopefully share the technology with China if the corporations allow the expense. 

Japan's offering of providing the technology at a cost to the Chinese, is a great offer for the Chinese because the Japanese have the technology to start making a difference to the poor quality of environment in China right now in the present.

The sharing of anti-air, water purifying and solar power technologies from Japan can help make  China a better environment to cut down on the global impact China puts on the world.


This is a great partnership with countries that are so close to each other for a better future but my beliefs are that the corporations won't spend the extra expenses required to make the Earth a better place because that would take away from the dollars the corporation earns towards its share holders.


By: Johnathon Heaton

Deb Kemper's curator insight, March 10, 2013 1:25 AM

China needs to learn from Japan, EU and the US to accelerate pollution reduction - 

Lakin's curator insight, April 29, 2014 1:03 PM

This article is related to government and law because it is talking about pollution and how they can fix the economy from it. Japan is planning on making all there machines more friendly green as well as China. Hopefully, by transferring over to more green friendly it will help our economy become more clean and fresh. Should we transfer over to more green friendly machines as well?

Reed Klunder 's comment, May 2, 2014 3:31 PM
I agree that our economy and environment needs to be cleaned up. The only problem with making everything green, is the expenses that we as citizens would have to pay. It will definitely make the world a fresh and safe place but many people don't have money to buy food, let alone expensive machines. Does the government need to lower taxes so we can afford a safer environment?
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Chinese pollution study 'blocked on grounds of state secrecy'

Chinese pollution study 'blocked on grounds of state secrecy' | Chinese Pollution |
Lawyer claims watchdog refused to publish major soil pollution study as public fears grow over environment and health (Chinese pollution study 'blocked on grounds of state secrecy'

Via Kat Carroll
Johnny Heaton's insight:

          In this case, China is refusing the release of results found when conducting environmental soil testing which is a clear indication that since the air is that bad, the Earth's soil in China is much worse.


Hiding behind problems like this can only cause more future problems because the more we wait to do something globally about China's pollution, that pollution is going to spread to have a global impact felt all around the world. China's neighbors are already suffering from the Chinese pollution and can do very little about helping the problem without China's approval.


Hiding contaminated soil findings in a country known for having 16/20 of the world direst cities and known for cancer villages. The problem in China is a global issue that needs to be stopped or at least slowed down.


China's on a rapid growth of Earth resource devastation, pollution and power and all three need to be looked after globally, because China's done an awful job regulating planet protection.


By: Johnathon Heaton 

Kat Carroll's curator insight, February 28, 2013 11:47 AM

Quite fitting that the debate on contaminants and additives is in Beijing...Too bad NHF has to  endure this level of pollution in order to represent health and health freedom under these horrendous conditions...