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Tories consider minimum wage change

Tories consider minimum wage change | China |
The Conservative Party is examining ways to increase the national minimum wage as part of its effort to make work pay, BBC Newsnight learns.

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Silver Lining in China’s Smog as It Puts Focus on Emissions |

Silver Lining in China’s Smog as It Puts Focus on Emissions | | China |

Jiang Kejun may be one of the few Beijing residents who see a ray of hope in the smog engulfing the city. A researcher in a state energy institute, he is an outspoken advocate of swiftly cutting China’s greenhouse gas output, and he says public anger about noxious air has jolted the government, which long dismissed pollution as the necessary price of prosperity.


The grimy haze blanketing Beijing and other Chinese cities comes from motor vehicles, factories, power plants and furnaces that also emit carbon dioxide, the main global warming gas from human activities. The widespread ire about air pollution has forced China’s new leadership to vow firmer, faster measures for cleaner air that are likely to reduce carbon dioxide output, especially from coal, experts said. “The public concern about the air pollution has helped raise awareness about broader environmental problems,” said Mr. Jiang, a researcher at the Energy Research Institute, which advises the Chinese government. “This will be a big help in pushing China.”


Mr. Jiang is an unusual hybrid — part policy insider, part maverick — in a growing debate among Chinese officials, policy advisers and academics about how fast and far to limit greenhouse gas pollution, which now well exceeds that of any other country. The debate, increasingly vigorous but in typical Chinese fashion playing out largely behind the scenes, pits the demands of industrialization and urban growth against the realities of global warming.


Defying the habitual caution of government advisers, Mr. Jiang has developed a proposal to swiftly limit the growing volume of carbon dioxide that China produces from consuming fossil fuels, which constitute over a quarter of the world’s total such emissions. In his blueprint, China’s emissions would reach a peak by around 2025, at least five years earlier and at a much lower level than many Chinese experts have said is possible.


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