China Increases Military Spending More Than 11 Percent | China Boosts Military Spending |
The rise in China’s military spending comes amid an intensifying strategic rivalry between the United States and China in Asia and concerns in Washington.

1. This column covers the military spending budget for China and how it has increased.
2. “The total defense budget for 2012 would be increased to $106 billion from $95.6 billion last year, he said. The Obama administration has proposed $525.4 billion in defense spending for 2013, a cut of about $5 billion from 2012.” “Last year, the Pentagon estimated that China would spend $160 billion instead of the announced $95.6 billion.” “The increase, reported to be 11.2 percent, is in step with the increased pace of military spending by China over the past decade”
3. The writer feels that China’s “true figure was probably significantly higher” than they are stating.
4. The writer conveys this opinion through data/figures and statements of mistrust and that the situation is very “opaque.” 

6. This columnist is pro America and isn’t very trusting of China.
7. This was written for the reader who has interest in military both foreign and local.
8. I kind of don’t really trust China either. After this reading I was just a lot of the “right” cliff hanging questions that would allow me to take her side. Like “Why would China need to build up military?” and “What is there to hide? Why can’t they give more figures?”