Just How Bad Is Child Abuse in America? Very. | childabuseinamerica | Scoop.it

1) What is the basic subject of the column?

The basic subject of this column is that child abuse in America is becoming more and more widespread.


2) What information does the author give?

- That nearly 4,600 kids in america became hospitalized in 2006 becaus of abuse.

-For babies under one, there were 58 cases of hospitalization per 100,000 infants.

-Overall, six out of every 100,000 kids under 18 were hospitalized with injuries that ranged from broken bones and burns to traumatic brain injury.

-Stess appears to be the leading cause for abuse.


3) The writer belives that stress is a big reason for abuse, he says "most parents don't understand what a baby wants and is exhausted and frusterated.


4) Th author does not like or believe in abuse, he says it is a very dark and depressng time, he also says it is very horrifying.


5) The author is very much against abuse and wants it to be stopped.


6) Emotional appeal


7) Yes, he has evidence from many other articles not just his own.


8) Murdoch, Cassie. "Just How Bad Is Child Abuse in America." 7 Feb. 2012.