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Patriot-NewsHershey's move will be felt worldwidePatriot-NewsBy Patriot-News Editorial Board The Associated Press, 2007Hershey's commendable cocoa initiative should be expanded to all of is product lines.

1. This column talks about Hershey and its connection with child labor laws.

2. The author gives information on what Hershey is doing to reduve its child labor.

3. The writer believes that the entire Hershey line should take up the initiative to reduce child labor.

4. Yes; he says that "an independent, third party will certify the cocoa was grown sustainably and without the use of illegal child labor.It’s an initiative that should be expanded to all of Hershey’s product lines."

6. The columnist believes that children should be educated instead of having to work.

7.  This article was written fo people who like to know the true story behind theproducts that they are using.

8. No; the article states that the Hershey compnay should stop using children as labor, but we don't know the true story behind these children and their families.  For all we know, working at the Hershey factory may be their only income.


Part B

2. This article uses pathos and a little bit of ethos to get the point across.  Near thebeginning othe article, the authors uses pathos by refering to Milton Hershey, the founder of Hershey.  The author says that "Milton Hershey would no doubt be proud of the latest steps his company is taking to aid children and farmers worldwide."  The autho uses this quote to get the reader to also feel proud about what the Hershy compnay is doing.  The author uses references to Milton Hersheyto make us think about all the things that Hershey did for children.