"Let us vote!" Anger and Chaos in Miami-Dade for Sunday Voting (VIDEO) | Child Education | Scoop.it

Frustration and anger nearly boiled over in Doral after the Miami-Dade Elections Department announced it would provide and accept ballots Sunday.


But so many voters showed up that election officials said they were overwhelmed and closed their doors.


"They said 'I'm sorry, there's one printer, and only two people are here, come back tomorrow," said Diana Machado, who stood in line waiting to fill out an absentee ballot.


According to the Miami Herald, the problem wasn't printers or people but the fact that Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez never signed off on the additional absentee voting hours.


“That was counter to what I said on Friday, which was we were not going to change the game mid-stream," Gimenez told the Herald. "I said, 'No, there’s no way we did this.’”


Frustrated voters began to shout "Let us vote! Let us vote!" and banged on the doors as tempers flared...


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