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1.Child abuse in America

2. A.nearly 4,600 children in the U.S. were hospitalized for injuries caused by physical abuse in 2006

    B.six out of every 100,000 kids under 18 were hospitalized with injuries that ranged from broken bones and burns to traumatic brain injury.

    C.The average hospital stay for these children was one week, and 300 of them ended up dying.

3.that it is a very heart breaking and sad situation that these children have to go threw this .

4.no, there are no direct quotes.

5.-there are none

6.this is a very serious situation


8.yes, because this is a serious situation and it needs to be delt with as serious as possible.

9.Cassie Murdoch,Just How Bad Is Child Abuse in America? Very,Feb 7, 2012