It would be incorrect to report that the flooding situation in and around Bangkok is now under control as that suggests a certain level of intervention and management. If the conflicting and confusing stories in the media, both traditional and social, are anything to go by we are merely witnessing mother nature remaining in control. However, I do think that it would be fair to say that, for most people affected by the floods, we are now in the clean up period.

With the reduced levels of danger and urgency comes a loss of importance as far as journalists are concerned and consequently updates to Thailand Floods, 2011 (#ThaiFloodEng) have become less prolific. This will continue to be the case but I will endeavour to provide a round up of information regarding the clean up: any health issues, donations or assistance required and confirmation of travel advice.

Thailand Flood Relief:

If you have contact information, web links or news regarding fundraising or volunteering for flood relief in Thailand please contact me so that it can be shared here on Thailand Floods, 2011 (#ThaiFloodEng) - as of Thursday 24 November, 2011 this news round up has had 12,100+ visitors and 20,700+ views so I'm hopeful that it can be helpful to those involved in the clean-up.

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