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Video is not new. But it’s prov­ing to be a great tool for mar­keters. As with any mar­ket­ing tool, there is a right and a wrong way to use video. These tips will help you lever­age video con­tent for marketing.

The Wrong Way

A lot of com­pa­nies think it’s a good idea to shod­dily pro­duce mar­ket­ing videos, with long, repet­i­tive, redun­dant, and bor­ing sales pitches. They’re wrong. No one wants to see that. Videos should not appear ama­teur­ish. They should not be long, tech­ni­cal, and inef­fi­cient. Videos also should not be ambigu­ous or irrel­e­vant to consumers...

Via Ileane Smith