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Ramil’s Introductory Article


Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


2 Thess. 5:23


Is life merely a constant struggle to avoid or solve various problems? It may seem that way. Whether we talk about sickness, fears, conflicts, sin or death, we can see how much time and money people put into preventing, eliminating or minimizing these universal life issues. Why do you think many doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, ministers and even funeral parlours rake in money plying their trade? To compound it, much of our individual mental, emotional and spiritual energy goes into facing these problems on a daily basis. We can almost say that the whole business of life is more of a curse than a blessing that it was meant to be. (Paradise was indeed a perfect place; money was still not in use!)


You think you have problems? Nothing compared to what God has to deal with. Not to be funny, but to prove a point: If God is your partner in life; then, you can be sure He has the answers to all of them.


But do you believe that earnestly? Do you believe that in the midst of Stage-4 (or 5 ba?) cancer or a wild raging storm in the Pacific Ocean, He is able to deliver you? That He will calm your heart from the assaults of terror and danger? That He will not only grant you peace under any circumstance but also fully renew or rebuild your life and prepare you for His many unimaginable blessings?  


Spirit, Soul and Body – the main components of the human being – concern God along infinite dimensions. He gave us humans His spirit so we can have life. He gave us wisdom so we can understand His will. He gave us physical existence so we can experience His glory upon this Earth. And, most of all, He gave us His Son so we can have abundant life now and forever.


We face problems daily? God has been at it for all Eternity! He must surely know the solutions to those problems and the outcome of following His ways. But do we know what He wants us to do so we can be sure we come out winners in life? He must truly be patient to deal with billions of people today having the very same problems Adam and Eve and the first generations who lived in this Earth experienced and, yet, have not learned enough to go back to Him and seek out His unfailing power.


Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Health – that is, fullness or wholeness of the total person – is a divine task. Only God can provide the way to achieving this seemingly impossible human treasure. Only Someone Who has the power to renew the human spirit, refresh the human soul and redeem the human body can provide the answers. Jesus Christ did all these when He pardoned our sins, healed our wounds and cleansed our bodies from the decay of this world. How? When He died and resurrected and gave the most precious gift of the Holy Spirit to those who believe and obey Him.


Receiving the gift of Christ – that is, the Holy Spirit – allows us to keep our spirit, soul and body free from the pollution of this world. Sanctification through the Holy Spirit is that slow but effective process of cleansing us from the accumulated spiritual, emotional and physical corruption of this world.



How does the “God of peace sanctify us completely”?  By teaching us to avoid things that lead us to commit sin, to doubt, to fear, to lead unhealthy lives and to be morally corrupt. Doctors can cure some ailments; but Christ alone can cure all our diseases and weaknesses. Some economists and politicians can help save our ailing society from collapse; but only the Father in Heaven can lead our nation to lasting prosperity and peace. Some preachers and singers can uplift our spirits with inspiring sermons and songs; but only the Holy Spirit can create in us a new and living person who will offer a pleasing, daily, living sacrifice to God.


Yes, we often excuse ourselves and say: “We cannot avoid getting sick” or “We will all die anyway”. True, but to know that and to surrender to that fact without knowing God’s ways of avoiding or minimizing their effects is to lack faith. King Hezekiah, who must have been very sick or very old and ready to die, was good as dead when Isaiah came to say his time was up. But his humility led God to extend his life for another 15 years! 1 We cannot avoid it; but we can certainly have the strength to face our appointed time and to finally face Him in person. For even sickness, old age or death are God’s ways to perfect our faith. 


To have complete peace and humility in the face of sickness or death is much better than to be brave and reckless in our unbridled desire to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. We all get sick and die. Question is: Is your whole being – spirit, soul and body – preserved for the coming of Christ?


Destroy the temple of the Holy Spirit -- the body -- and you destroy the whole person. It’s all or nothing. Be whole now or be nothing in the end.


Wholeness in spirit, soul and body is a mandate from God.  


1II Kings 20:1-6.


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