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Guest blog: 5 Ways to Prevent Laptop Battery Life Deterioration ...

Guest blog: 5 Ways to Prevent Laptop Battery Life Deterioration ... | cheap laptop battery of |

Some Laptop battery repair method
<p>(A) The battery causes of damage<br />
<a href="">Dell Inspiron XPS battery</a> use for a long time, it is often sufficient dissatisfaction power, even display the battery has been damaged, the specific expression of the resistance larger increase in the voltage across the charging faster. So easy to charge control circuit is judged to have been full capacity will naturally decline. Relatively large battery internal resistance, discharge voltage drop, high speed, so the system is easily mistaken for the voltage is not enough, the lack of electricity. Found the battery operating time is comparatively short, appropriate measures should be taken.<br />
(B) The battery refresh program to restore the battery discharge time<br />
Brand laptop has a battery refresh program, we can use it to repair the battery.Example: a laptop with the battery for the nickel-metal hydride (Ni-Mh) batteries, due to the usual improper charging and discharging lead to battery discharge time is getting short, only less than 5 minutes, if carrying a laptop to work, it is very inconvenient, what can restore the battery discharge time?<br />
The response to these circumstances, we can use the notebook official website launched battery refresh program to refresh the battery, put it back in the discharge time, specific methods are as follows.<br />

(1) the use of AC power for laptops, the first official website to download to a laptop refresh program.<br />
(2) Restart the computer, press F8 to enter the boot menu and select safe DOS mode.<br />
(3) to enter the directory where the file you just downloaded, perform a battery refresh program, read the warning message, asked to insert a floppy disk, and then press Enter to execute the self-extracting operation.<br />
(4) with this floppy disk to boot the computer screen prompted.<br />
(5) Follow the prompts to unplug the AC power, the program will automatically Ni-Mh battery discharge, discharge is completed, the system will automatically shut down.<br />
(6) due to the high temperature of the battery should not immediately start, let the battery cool for a while, plug in the AC power supply.<br />

(7) to boot the computer with a floppy disk, this file will automatically run the refresh program, and asks the user whether to proceed.<br />
(8) In this case, the refresh program began battery refresh process back to the DOS prompt A:&gt; when the refresh is complete.<br />
(9) Turn off the computer and charge the battery until the light turns green. <a href="">DELL Alienware M14x battery</a> <br />
(10) The above process is repeated three times to get the best results.<br />
In addition, many lithium battery failure is the failure resulted in battery packs in a power-saving core, this phenomenon can not be avoided. Because each cell batteries can not be completely consistent in nature with weakened for a long time after some quality begin to age, while the destruction of the whole (series after) the discharge curve. Interested readers can try to open the battery pack, and the help of the multimeter, you can quickly find the damaged batteries (abnormal voltage). If conditions permit, the replacement under the corresponding parameters of batteries can be qualified product.</span></span> <a href="">HP ProBook 5330m battery</a></p>


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<p>DELL laptop battery applications and maintenance<br />
When you first bought a new laptop, remember to fully charged, and then run Software Update to ensure that your computer is equipped with the latest software. DELL regularly releases software updates to enhance the performance of the battery.</p>
<p>Standard maintenance<br />
It is very important for the maintenance of lithium batteries, is to the electronic let the battery at all times maintain a flow state. <a href="">DELL Vostro V130 battery</a> recommends that you do not always use the laptop power supply. The ideal use, use your DELL notebook computer batteries when they go out, and back to the office after the use of power for charging. This can maintain the flow of the liquid state of the battery. On the other hand, if you are using a desktop computer in the company, and only occasionally using a laptop while on the go, DELL recommends that you at least once a month for the battery charging and discharging time. Need to remind you? Add an event in your desktop's iCal calendar to remind you.</p>
<p>Long-term storage<br />
If your laptop will be idle for over half a year, DELL recommends that you remove the battery, and maintained at 50% of the power of the state. If the store when the power is zero, the battery will result due to excessive discharge can not afford any charge. Instead, if the storage battery is fully charged, will be loss of battery capacity, that shorten battery usage time. Please remove the batteries stored in the appropriate temperature. (See &quot;laptop temperature&quot;)</p>

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<p>Optimal settings<br />
You can choose the DELL laptop to use in order to maximize battery operating time.<br />
Energy: Energy Saver control panel to provide you with multiple setting options to control the electricity consumption of the DELL laptop. As long as a boot, the computer will run to set. In the state of the power control settings, the computer will own screen brightness dimmed, and moderate use of other features. If you change the setting to maximize performance, the battery will run out faster. % N7 Z8 q: Q4 o / U-{2 V<br />
Brightness: transferred to the screen the most low-grade comfortable brightness allows the battery to maximize the use of time. For example, when you watch a DVD on the plane, around all the lights off, you do not need the strongest brightness of the screen.<br />
AirPort wireless network: Even if you do not use the AirPort networking capabilities, it will also power consumption. Therefore, in order to save power, you can turn it off in the control panel.<br />

Bluetooth wireless connection: Similarly, the Bluetooth function also in the case of non-use electricity consumption, So you do not need to use this feature to turn it off, in order to extend battery usage time.<br />
Applications and external devices: to disconnect temporarily use an external device and Exit unused applications. Exit do not need when you insert the CD and DVD from the optical drive.</p>
<p>Battery Life<br />
DELL laptop battery properly maintained, after 300 charge and discharge cycles, is still able to retain 80% of the original battery capacity. When your battery has enough power can not be stored to maintain operating needs, you need to replace the battery.</p>
<p>Maintenance of the <a href="">DELL XPS 15 battery</a><br />
DELL laptop is a standard the composite lithium ion battery (lithium battery for short), the structure of the physical characteristics of the lithium is a high power, no memory effect. Any lithium battery power supply battery management controller (PMU), the implementation of the regularity effective charge control. Therefore, the lithium battery must use the original charging adapter, so as to achieve effective and safe application. Lithium that features no memory effect, which means no need for charge depletion capacitance, lithium at any power level, and are suitable for charging and want to charge to charge, do not want to charge on consumption dormant until the automatic shutdown. Lithium is generally calculated charge cycle life, the theory of the cycle is 500 (+ / -15%), full again considered a cycle consumes 30% of electricity adjourned to the charge, the PMU not count a cycle. DELL notebook power adapter, and DELL PMU / SMC is a smart, not depleted lithium batteries can not be 100%, therefore PMU / SMC will continue to monitor the charge level of the lithium battery, depleted to 5% of the electricity that is self-activation books dormancy, forced shutdown to protect the lithium battery does not run out of dead. This moment should then listed charge lithium battery power adapter with the PMU / SMC battery management controller, will achieve 70% recovery charge, fast charge, slow charge 70% in place, 95% of electricity implemented drip charge, until the drip charge to 100% auto-off charge. Therefore, the books often connected to the original charging adapter is 200% no problem. Lithium battery if less than 95% of the electricity capacity while connecting mains charging adapter itself implementation drip break automatically charged to 100% charge. Without dismantling lithium battery, it is ignorant, lost books mobility original intent, lithium batteries can also be invalidated because of long-term storage and is unable to implement the re-charging. DELL notebook lithium battery, without too persistent, like how to use despite the use, there is no need to calculate the charge cycle every day, the Tomahawk also seen some new DOA lithium battery, also seen some 700 cycles of lithium battery. In short, charging or not charging worth mentioning the books of the lithium battery connected to your DELL notebook, continue to let it play its proper function. <a href="">DELL XPS 17 battery</a>


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