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Southern Charm The Third Man Recap

Southern Charm The Third Man Recap | Charleston |
What happened in Charleston this week? A strawberry festival, mermaids
visited the aquarium and a new episode of Southern Charm. This week brought
us another lackluster snoozer episode. Highlights include the men not
shooting anything on Shep's plantation, Kathryn giving us way too much
bare-back information (TMBBI), Cameron reveals her gold digging habits and
Craig being his usual horrible self.


Shep's family owns a plantation. Basically this means they own a large
amount of land and probably participated in pre-Civil War slave trade.
Anywhere else in the US, a family owning a large amount of land would be
referred to as the family's farm or ranch. Not a plantation. Can we please
retire the plantation term?

Thomas and Kathryn

T-Rav and Kathryn are the show's darlings. Their love story is the plot. As
we previously learned Craig is the only guy in the show Kathryn has not
slept with and Craig cannot stop talking about it. He is soooo bitter and
judgy about the whole affair. This week we watch T-Rav grapple with the
information Craig forks out over the dinner table. T-Rav handles it
surprisingly well. He comes off a genuine and accepting person -
rationalizing the situation by reminding everyone she is only 21 and if she
were a man people would be congratulating her. It forced me to think he
might be someone worth having a drink with.

To help seal their relationship, T-Rav and Kathryn visit her parent's
house. It's time for T-Rav to meet the parents. T-Rav looks older than both
parents. At a minimum, he is similar in age. Kathryn's father takes him
aside for a man-to-man chat. T-Rav actually seems nervous and very aware of
the fact that her parents are probably not impressed. In a surprise turn of
events, Kathryn's father was totally okay with her current gig. Is this an
arranged relationship?

On the ride to Shep's plantation, we learn more about the relationship. The
charming Southern Charm ladies charmingly questioned Kathryn as to extreme
details regarding she and T-Rav's sex life. Only US Airways tweets matched
the ladies in crudeness this week. What did they and we learn? Kathryn and
T-Rav are not being careful. They are probably trying to get pregnant. BUT
she keeps drinking and we've not once observed her popping a Folic Acid
pill! Note to female viewers despite what you see on Southern Charm,
excessive drinking and pregnancy do not go well together.

Based upon last week's spoiler and this week's announcement sounds like
T-Rav and Kathryn are no longer just trying. On March 24, the couple
welcomed a very cute baby girl into the world. Oh my.

The Others

Not much happened with the show's other characters. Cameran 'sold' Whitney
a lease. She was so could think of nothing but her upcoming payout from the
deal. Who is the true gold digger on the show Kathryn or Cameron?

Did you think Whitney's new digs looked great (minus the pedestrian
furniture)? You too can rent a room from the Charleston boutique hotel,
Restoration on King. Is a room for rent all his real estate agent could

Random Observations

Gun Safety Lessons. Shep does a great job of giving Danni a gun safety
lesson, while she wore earmuffs. How very effective.

Missing Mommy Dearest. Where was Whitney's Mom? She was dearly missed in
this episode. We need to see more of her!

What Reality TV Show is Complete Without Pole Dancing? Whitney loves a
pole. Discuss amongst yourselves. The puns are endless.

Charlestonian Thoughts. It should be noted the residents of Charleston are
split regarding the show. Some residents dislike the show because they feel
it reflects poorly on our fair city. Other residents laugh at the 'reality'
TV shenanigans and hope the show gets renewed for a second season. If you
are a non-Charleston resident please do not believe everything you see on
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Edmund's Oast Charleston Review

Edmund's Oast Charleston Review | Charleston |
The extremely anticipated new Charleston restaurant Edmund's Oast is slated
to open just in time for Valentine's Day, Friday February, 14. We were
luckily able to sample some of the offerings (beer, cocktails and food oh
my!) to help guide your first visit. 

What's in a name?

Edmund's Oast is named after a once infamous Revolutionary War Charleston
brewer Edmund Egan and the British term for drying hops, Oast. The thought
and creativity that went into creating the perfect name easily continues
into menu.

Drinks and Food

The curators of Edmund's Oast put so much work into creating their idea of
perfection and it shows.

While currently offering only a dinner menu with appetizers, small plates
and entrees, they will be adding brunch and patio menus in the near future.

If beer is your drink of choice, then you will really enjoy the 48 taps
Edmund's Oast has to offer, including their own in-house brewed beer.

In addition to beer, the restaurant offers many house-made delicacies,
including charcuterie and pickled vegetables, all of which are crafted to
perfection. If you are less inclined to enjoy beer and meat, Edmund's Oast
also offers an excellent cocktail and wine menu along with great vegetarian
menu options.

Final Thoughts

Make a reservation! Despite being in the North of Morrison area, this
restaurant will be packed with locals and South of Broad visitors. 

Dog Friendly: The large outside patio provides an excellent dog friendly

Parking and Price: Expect ample North of Morrison parking with upper King

What to Order: Try one of the housemade products - beer and charcuterie. 

Recommendation: Is anyone not recommending Edmund's Oast? It is an amazing
concept brought to life perfectly. Whether you are visiting for drinks,
food or atmosphere, you will not be disappointed.

March Update

If you have not made time to visit Edmund's Oast since its opening you are
missing a Charleston hidden gem.

Despite being located far away from downtown hot spots on King and East
Bay, do not expect to easily find seating at Edmund's. If you visit on a
weekend night the bar and restaurant seating will most likely be full. Make
reservations ahead of time! 

Reconsider expecting to eat if you are a vegetarian. While there are a few
veggie options, the menu is meat heavy. If you are not a vegetarian, order
the tower of meat and enjoy a tower of house made charcuterie which pairs
well with any beer on the menu.

Make time to visit soon! Edmund's is a true Charleston experience with
ample parking and located far away from the tourists!


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Uncharming Southerns in Southern Charm

Uncharming Southerns in Southern Charm | Charleston |
The first half of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil should be
required reading for anyone moving to the South. Berendt does an amazing
job capturing the eccentricities and oddities of 1980s Savannah. Bravo's 
Southern Charm, does the same thing for the self-proclaimed upper echelon
of Charleston society. 

If you live in Charleston you have probably never met or heard of most of
the cast minus Mr. Ravenel who is most notably known for his notorious 2007
cocaine conviction and Cameron who once lived in San Diego as a Real World
cast member.

The Bravo reality TV show finale airs Monday March 31. What have you missed
if you have not been watching? Some amazing Thomas Ravenel (T-Rav) quotes
among other things. 

Who are these characters?

Whitney Sudler-Smith, is the show's executive producer along with a
struggling writer and director that late in life moved back in with his
mother, Patricia Altshul. Their relationship and comments are often episode
high points. Whitney's too few narrations about the show's other characters
are fantastic. His description of Ravenel's often self-destructive behavior
is one of the funniest moments of the series.

Whitney's mother Patricia, whose show character sometimes seems inspired by
Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest, goes out of her way to flaunt her southern
socialite status and drink. She is by far my favorite character on the
show. Despite her ridiculous southern demeanor and fried chicken, her
character is almost certainly an act. The woman has two Masters degrees and
moved from Long Island to Charleston in 2008! Regardless her character
plays well and most importantly her pink revolver matches her pink Birkin -
what a beautiful bag!

Thomas Ravenel is the obvious star of the show. He comes off as a
narcissistic, burned-out politician just looking to hook-up with a lucky

Before non-South Carolinians claim there is no way someone like Ravenel
could win a South Carolina campaign I would reference the recent Sanford
win over Colbert. South Carolina loves to forgive and vote Republican no
matter the politician's sketchiness. We may see Mr. Ravenel representing
the state once more. His possible political comeback and how he is a 'nice
guy' are discussed in the show so frequently the show seems like a
political advertisement.

Besides being repeatedly told Ravenel is a nice guy, what have reality TV
aficionados learned about Ravenel thus far? Basically the 51 year-old 
drinks a lot, has trouble finding a date and someone forgot to tell him to
'wrap it before you...' causing a pregnancy scare. Not just any pregnancy
scare, but a pregnancy scare with 30 years his junior, 21 year-old Kathryn
Calhoun. Incidentally Miss Calhoun drinks throughout her possible

If the pregnancy scare alone is not enough to wet your reality TV drama
whistle, T-Rav is likely a long not so lost relative of his possible Baby
Mama, Miss Calhoun along with at least one other of the show's cast
members. Charleston is so small.

The show's other characters are less interesting, but they have their
moments. Most notably it is hard to find a scene in the show where someone
does not have a drink in hand. I know Charleston is known as a drinking
Holy City, but are we really that bad? In a city where Brunch and Bloody
Marys start at 10 am, this might be the one thing the show gets right.

Random Observations

Who is Jenna? One of the best scenes in the show is an awkward conversation
between Whitney's beard, I mean assistant and Jenna. Jenna seems extremely
uncomfortable answering any questions about her profession, which we later
find out, is supposedly a girlfriend. The answer is not enough to satiate
anyone's interest in the subject. 

All this drinking and no Grand Ma shots? Grand Marnier shots are a
Charleston tradition that befuddles any visitor or recent transplant. No
one knows why, but Charlestonians love to take Grand Marnier shots. Don't
knock it until you've tried it.

Hair color diversity is over-represented. Charleston is a city of women
with blond hair. Seriously at least 80% (this is a very scientific
calculation) of the female population have blond hair. The show managed to
showcase several hair colors, sadly this diversity did not carry over to
the actual cast. 

No dog cameos? We love our pooches in Charleston. The dog to human ratio is
at least 2:1 (also a scientific calculation), but it appears no one in the
show owns a dog? Who are these cold-hearted people? Maybe instead of being
cold-hearted they chose to protect their dogs from the stress of reality

Oh and Jenna, if you have another party, feel free to invite me. 


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Cheap Flights From New York City, New York (JFK) To Charleston, South Carolina (CHS) - Airfarewatchdog

Cheap Flights From New York City, New York (JFK) To Charleston, South Carolina (CHS) - Airfarewatchdog | Charleston |
End your search for cheap flights from New York City, New York (JFK) to Charleston, South Carolina (CHS) at Airfarewatchdog. Let our airfare experts find you the lowest fare to Charleston!
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INDACO Charleston Review

INDACO Charleston Review | Charleston |
INDACO has been all the rage of Upper King since its opening and from the
exterior it looks very inviting. The restaurant is a part of the Indigo
Road Group, which boasts several successful Upper King restaurants and
bars including one of my favorites, The Cocktail Club.

Having passed by and stopped in for drinks the food consistently looked
amazing. I was extremely excited to finally have an opportunity try the
menu rather than just uncomfortably stare at other patrons' delicious

We visited INDACO on what I thought would be a slow Wednesday night. Wrong.
Glad Mr. Fortune thought to suggest a reservation. The restaurant itself is
intimate without making you feel overly private. Community and bar seating
are available with full menu service along with private dining. 

Upon arrival we were promptly greeted and shown to our table. Our
Movemeber celebrating server visited and provided excellent guidance
throughout the evening.

The snapper was perfect.


The highlight of the evening was the antipasti. We chose the snapper and it
was really amazing. The dish had the perfect mix of spice and flavor. It
was by far our favorite dish of the night.



Pasta and Piatti

Everything on the menu looked amazing and after much debate we settled on
ordering one pasta dish, paccheri (the swordfish) and one piatti plate, the
skirt steak.

Of the two entrees, the skirt steak was the clear winner. The paccheri was
not exactly what we expected. Rather than being a filet of swordfish, the
dish had small swordfish chunks. While the paccheri was flavorful we both
agreed it is not something we would order again. 

The skirt steak was much better and we would order again, but still not the
most amazing skirt steak. It is served with polenta and finished with a
salsa verde. 


INDACO Skirt Steak

Final Thoughts

Parking: Valet available until 10:30 pm. After 10:30 pm keys are
transferred to the host stand. Valet parking is a huge bonus given the
scarcity of Upper King parking.

Reservations: Definitely recommended.

Price: On par for Upper King. Small plates and Anitpasti average $16.
Entrees average $27. 

Recommendation: With so many great Italian restaurant options in Charleston
it is hard to give INDACO a full recommendation. It is a great location
oozing with ambiance and is perfect for antipasti and cocktails. For a full
meal however, I recommend sticking with old favorites like Trattoria Lucca
, Pane e Vino and Al Di La. 

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Southern Charm White Ties and White Lies Recap

Southern Charm White Ties and White Lies Recap | Charleston |
Southern Charm's characters may have taken a few episodes to warm up, but
the more TRav drinks the hotter the episodes get! How are our favorite
unknown Charleston natives this week?

Whitney and His Mother

Whitney and his mother are fan favorites. Early in the episode, we get to
see them in full effect. Patricia quickly deduces sweet Whitney hooked-up
with Melisandre, I mean Kathryn, while judging TRav for possibly
knocking-up a 21 year-old. 

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Calhoun

Thomas and Kathryn were most definitely the highlight of the show. Kathryn
could barely keep up with her 'white lies' and manipulation. She could be
easily mistaken for another feisty redhead.

Once they arrived at the party Thomas started drinking. Someone forgot to
tell him to stop. He kept drinking and Whitney kept picking on him.
Admittedly TRav was an excellent drunk dancer!

When TRav and Whitney decided to step outside away from the ladies to
continue their 'discussion' I was convinced Mr. Ravenel would immediately
start throwing punches. Unfortunately he was not quite that intoxicated and
maintained a subtitled conversation.

Will the cast be sobered up in time for next week's episode? Doubtful, but
that's why we love them.

Random Observations

It really is that funny? Whitney and his mother have an amazing
synchronized maniacal laugh. Watching them laughing at people could be a
show! If their laugh does not make it on The Soup, Joel McHale has lost his
sense of humor!

We've got a creeper. Shep called out the girl he was not dating for talking
to another guy, and then she left. Classic television.

No one wants to hook-up with Craig. It appears Kathryn managed to hook-up
with every guy in the group except for the one guy that really liked her,

Carolina Day. Maybe some locals celebrate it? At least they did not party
down on Confederate Memorial Day.
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5 Reasons to Go to Charleston, South Carolina, Right Now - Fodor's Travel

5 Reasons to Go to Charleston, South Carolina, Right Now - Fodor's Travel | Charleston |
Fodor's Travel
5 Reasons to Go to Charleston, South Carolina, Right Now
Fodor's Travel
5 Reasons to Go to Charleston, South Carolina, Right Now. Posted by Christina Valhouli on March 03, 2014 at 2:30:00 PM EST | Post a Comment.
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The Charleston Museum | Charleston Couture

The Charleston Museum | Charleston Couture | Charleston |


Charleston | 10.03.2012 - 10.02.2013

"An original Charleston Museum exhibition, Charleston Couture, will showcase the area’s finest garments and accessories from the 1770s to the 1970s. Charleston Couture will include some true haute couture garments brought back by privileged Lowcountry residents from their wide travels. Of significance are pieces designed and made by Charles Frederick Worth and Mariano Fortuny, along with fashionable examples of lesser-known clothiers and Charleston dressmakers."

Via Centre de Documentació del Museu del Disseny de Barcelona
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