Editorial: Charity alone won’t solve homelessness | Charity isn't solving homelessness | Scoop.it


“...the issue of homelessness in our community cannot be addressed without discussing the social and economic issues which create homelessness.”


1)Charity alone won’t solve homelessness



 A)"nearly 100 Tomah School District children are without a permanent residence"

 B)"Nearly two-thirds of homeless people abuse either alcohol or illegal drugs"


3) The writer clearly believes that there needs to be more involvement from the public and more action from the government to help homelessness


4)"Can local volunteers make a difference? Yes. But the larger public policy issues also must be addressed. Charity alone won’t solve the problem of chronic homelessness."


5) The columnist has a very open mind and if possible he/she would make a very promising leader in this cause


6) This article was written to stir the minds of the governing, and to open the minds of the common people.


7) I too believe that we need more support from the government to bring a major halt and end to homelessness. the writer provides a substantial amount of evidence to make me believe his point.