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character theme song... we all know in the Great Gatsby Myrtle is a cheating gold digger that will do anything for money.  Myrtles husband George isn’t good enough for her.  Tom shows up to the repair garage and Myrtle is all over him because of his riches.  Just like any victim of a cheating spouse, poor George had no idea he was being cheated on.  It’s obvious she is a gold digger because she simply had to choose between George and Tom. And it was Tom of course.  Tom being a graduate of Yale has a great education and a lot of money in his pocket which attracts Myrtle.  Not only is Myrtle cheating, Tom is cheating on his wife Daisy.  With Tom’s background of being a stubborn, arrogant and hypocritical bully it’s hard to believe that any woman would want to be married to him in the first place.  That’s why it’s easy to see that Myrtle is a gold digger.  For example when they were driving down the street there was a man selling puppies and she just had to have one.  Because Myrtle is gorgeous to Tom, Tom bought into it.  In this song (Gold digger) by Kanye West and Jamie Foxx, it describes a typical gold digger female that’s just in it for the money and nothing else.