With the Zombies?  Choices in the Change Practitioner’s Journey | Change Management Resources | Scoop.it

This is the first story in a series featuring Sara taking the path many seasoned change practitioners (Daryl Conner's intended audience) follow as they come to terms with how they work with clients.  It kicks off a provocative, insightful series. 

The basic storyline: 

The hero pursues a series of adventures that takes her beyond the safety of her ordinary life in order to learn some vital lessons important to her and others.

In the process of her odyssey, she leaves her status quo, evolves into a wiser person, and returns to share her insights with those who could benefit.

....Sara had become “comfortably numb” without ever knowing what happened.


Sample questions:

  • Have you heard a wakeup call but been reluctant to heed the implications?

  • To what degree has victimization played a part in any disillusionment you feel (or have felt) about your change work?

  • To what degree has sovereignty played a part in avoiding or recovering from being a zombie practitioner?