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"Does everyone in the organization have a clear picture of the processes customers go through when interacting with the organization?"

Forrester recently released a book ' Outside In : The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business'. The book highlights that customer experience is the greatest untapped source of cost savings ...

Understanding customer behavior and interactions can lead to the following benefits:

Identify New ‘Niche’ Customer Segments – Just because people share some similar characteristics  (e.g. female in the age group 35 – 45) does not imply that they share the same passions and interests. 

Deliver Targeted, Personalized Content and Advertising – Moving beyond ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ – to create a 360 degree of the customer ...for improving customer understanding and targeting them with personalized content.

Increase Customer Loyalty – Gaining deeper insights into existing customer segments as well as discovering new customer segments by developing a multi-channel strategy and aggregating data across mobile, social and digital channels.

Via Tom Debruyckere