March 15 Deadline Approaching: Success Secrets of Trusted Change Advisors @  ACMP Global, April, Las Vegas 2012 | Change Management Resources |
What does it mean to be a trusted change advisor in today's turbulent times?

As a curator of for which this is the curation stream on ScoopIt as well as Change Leadership Watch, I'm pleased to be on a unique panel to share diverse perspectives on the role of the Trusted Advisor in today's turbulent world.  

We'll also be trying something new at global conference of this nature, using Open Space to explore the nature of collaborative learning within a session format.

Note the approaching conference deadline of March 15, 2012.

Here's a few excerpts from our program as well as from Liz Guthridge, who is facilitating our panel and organized this conference event:

What does it mean to be a trusted change advisor in today's turbulent times?

My colleague, Liz Guthridge, has written a helpful post about the Trusted Advisor role in supporting the work of leaders, outlining what we'll be covering in our session at ACMP Las Vegas. An excerpt:

[Liz] re-read quite a few of David Maister’s tips, primarily from his book, The Trusted Advisor...[a] 2000 classic. ...Some favorite things:

  • “I am not the center of the universe.”
  • “A point of view doesn’t commit you for life.”
  • “Reach out to notice, and acknowledge, something that has been held back in or about the other person.”
  • “Who am I serving by my present approach?”
  • “Assigning blame will trap me; taking responsibility will empower me.”
There's more, including biographies of who is presenting on the panel, photos, including yours truly, and links to register for the conference.
Do comment if you plan to attend.  It would be great to see you there!
~  Deb